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This went horribly, no? 10 years 2 months ago #384249

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About a month ago my best friend and I got into a bit of a fight (not a fist fight, but rather an argument). We kind of said some things we didn't mean and went our separate ways.|I apologized after the incident (not immediately after, but I think I waited like a day or two, because she was still very upset), for I realized how much I screwed up almost immediately after the argument, but she said she hated me.She then removed me as a friend on Facebook, wouldn't return my phone calls, removed me as a friend on Xbox Live, removed me as a friend on MySpace, blocked me on Facebook, and got two of our mutual friends to think less of me (which is understandable, since they were there and I was totally out of line).
And a continuation of:
I finally messaged her saying "hello" and she then sent me a party chat invite on Xbox Live. I joined, but there was this one kid there (this kid kept messaging me yesterday saying "hello" like 800 times, I didn't reply and blocked him). He was like "why didn't you accept my friend request, I only want to be your friend" and kept saying that in the party chat (it was just me, him, and the girl I was referring to in my other thread). I don't know who he is.I then muted him and tried to talk to her, but she didn't reply, I then left to avoid that one weird stalker kid who has been pestering me. Did I screw up, or was it not my fault? I take it the stalker kid might be a online friend of her's, but then again, he could have followed me into the party, I'm not sure which).
And so it continues:So, I was invited again to the party, in which tabby1gamer (the girl) and the Caboose1691 (some random guy on the Internet who is an online friend of tabby1gamer). I accepted the invite under the condition that Caboose1691 introduce himself. He claims to be an online friend of tabby1gamer's. The entire conversation was a big heap of nothingness. It appears that tabby1gamer now hates that caboose guy a lot more than she ever hated me. Caboose kept saying some rather inappropriate things about tabby and I, including making fun of her and myself. He even went so far as to harass our former romance. He did it in a joking manner though, but some of the things he said were going to far, even if only joking. He claims he wants to "help" tabby and I get back together. He then told me that she still loves me and that I broke her heart, which he said in front of her, so now she knows that I know and that is most upsetting. I suppose he did help us though, even if indirectly. Atleast now we have a common enemy, and we did laugh at some of the things he said (they weren't all bad, most of it was just random, he only criticized us a few times, after which he would append "jk"). tabby and myself didn't speak much, since he wouldn't give us a chance too and we couldn't do a party without him because he would just follow us around. So, does it seem like things are working out good or not?
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