TOPIC: Does anyone else have the "Apple" Syndrome?

Does anyone else have the "Apple" Syndrome? 15 years 7 months ago #14405

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I bought a Power G4 Desktop about two years ago with one of those 23'' flat panel displays. I love it-- basically because everything looks well "pretty". I love the connectivity, the firewire, the slick graphics, and it makes transfering and editing movies (a hobby of mine) a synch. But I find myself at such a loss. I hear of all these GREAT PC Games. Doom III, Counterstrike Source, the new Half-Life, etc. I, also, would love to get into a MMORPG game-- but the Mac really just does not have any-- like my anticipation for Everquest 2 is both excited and dreading it. Firstly, I can't wait to see how it turns out. But secondly, I hate that I'll never really get a chance to play it. I now have to say I am a "Console Gamer", because I really have not played a game on a computer in a long time. I miss it. Do I regret getting an Apple? Well, I love the way they work, I think they are so much easier, so much prettier, and well just slick--- but I do regret that my PC Gaming ended in about 2002.Is anyone else experiencing PC withdrawl?
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Does anyone else have the "Apple" Syndrome? 15 years 7 months ago #14442

I've got a G3 Powerbook (bought right before the G4's were announced, had I known, I'd have held off) and a couple of PCs and yes gaming options for the Mac blows. Sadly if Jobs had licensed the Apple OS and clones, perhaps Apple's market share would've been bigger and more developers creating apps and games for Apple.
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