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Daggett at the X Games: Part 2 15 years 3 months ago #10386

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Alright…. Day 2, freaks and fools. I decided to head to the Staples Center a wee bit early because everyone and their lovers, mothers, brothers, and chihuahuas wanted to witness “history in the making” with the Skateboard big air event. Outside, it was much hotter than Saturday…… about 90 degrees and nothing but sunlight (as you’re reading this, my face is sunburnt…or sunburned…however you say it). I ran to the closest misty-fan to cool down….. once I was soaked, I decided to swing by the Playstation booth one last time to get my fix of GT4. To all of you PS2 owners reading this: GET THIS GAME. when it comes out!! I found a sweet little spot right in front of the landing pad and quarterpipe at the bottom…which was insane, considering there were about 15,000 people behind me trying to find the best spot to watch. The practice sessions were unreal. PLG was attempting a McTwist the entire hour, and Danny Way was impressing the crowd by blasting 23 foot-high airs. Once the competition and TV broadcast started, things started to get serious. Jason Ellis landed the 50 foot jump-gap and followed with a 15 foot high kickflip indy. Soon after that, PLG did a ONE FOOTED 540 about 15 feet high. Bob Burnquist (the crowd favorite) took 2 giant slams, especially during his second run. I could go on and on about the highlights, but the big run of the day was Way's. Danny pulled a backside 360 over the large gap (70 feet wide)… and landed a 20 foot high Christ air a few seconds afterwards.Way clearly won the event, but once the medals were given out, he wanted more. The ESPN officials gave him 4 attempts for him to do whatever he wanted…. so he decided on breaking his high-air world record. He was close at one attempt (27 feet), but he gave up after 3 tries. With all the positive vibes from the event, a lot of people stuck around to get autographs and take pictures with all of the athletes who were there (including special guests).All in all, this one event blew away all of last year’s events. I don’t really care whether ESPN/ABC/Disney/supermegacorporation inc. decides to have X games XI in LA again, but I’m sure I won’t EVER forget this past weekend.….now I’m off to nurse my horrible sunburns.Oh, and if you guys want video, check out -> click on video highlights.Pics: There’s a couple things happening at once in this picture…1. Bucky signs autographs after a quick session on the Megaramp.2. Frank Hirata’s band was playing while I took this pic, as you can see on the big screen.3. Check out that huge X Games ad on the Hotel Figueroa…that thing took up the space of 3 buildings.4. Look at the Cadillac Pimp-Cart™! D Way tries to go after a 20 foot high backside 5. All 6 skaters waiting for the event to go live on ABC. The crowd right before the event…I’d say there was about 15,000 people there.
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Daggett at the X Games: Part 2 15 years 3 months ago #10419

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thats fucking great dagget...
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Daggett at the X Games: Part 2 15 years 3 months ago #10586

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