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The game Nether = "FAIL" why? 5 years 2 months ago #399165

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For those thinking of purchasing the game Nether

- My evaluation -

- ??You decide?? -

So I had a bug that effected the GB and wouldnt allow to deposit into it, only withdraw. It kept saying that the bank had no more space, yet i had everything i own on my body! caring it around in Nether.

"Really you say".
"Yup", I say.

In a place that isnt really alllllllll that safe now is it... "Safety Zone", who thought up that f-ing name, lol. "YOU ARE FIRED"
Right go $%^&* yourselves devs! Start putting a little creativity into your product and not your thoughts of your zit-faced girlfriend and that precious hour of big bang theory you call "quality time".

So I decided to log out and back in to see if the bug was just temporary, it wasn't.

Lost everything I had do to a bug that should have been fixed before release! Man is this going to piss you guys off and lead right up to some serious frustration and maybe even up to my next paragraph! lol (And I'm just a game evaluator and article writter)

Wait for it... wait for it.... and
NO more issue now thou, why you ask.. Cause Nether has been perma-delete from the test drive and my article for the gaming Pub is going out a little something like this"Flat Lined, Dead, call the meat wagon fellas cause we got a stinky ova here!" good job you (a)(s)(s)holes, way to go on game content to, talk about your all time shit - go no where, and have no idea why - shandwiches, go ahead really take a great big bit, you guys earned it, lol. There isn't even a cinematic "why this happened" lead in vid. lol

And for my beloved followers dont waste your time/money on this game, sorry to say "Obscurity bond, and doomed to fade into gaming maelstrom right up there with APB, lol!"

So continue gaming guys and gals just NOT here!
Love always,
Lord Laywn
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