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img]​a/l ogo2.png[/img]

Language: English (but there are many characters and 2 GMs who speak Spanish a Peruvian and a resident of Argentina)

New ex700 sets available.
New ex700 weapons available
New ex700 wings available
New graphics on all maps
New road maps
Update Ex700 completely
Alchemist to make your items Semi full

Website Page:
Server: fast.
Main Info:
Version: Season 6 Episode III - ex700 SOON
Max Level: 400
Point of reset: 5/7
Maintains the reset points.
Stores (NPC): Wings 1/ 2 / 3 / Boks / All Skills / quest items
Maximum points per skill: 32,767

Sets and custom items:
Wings level 4 / level 5
20+ Custom Sets 4 Sockets
20+ Custom Weapons 4 Sockets
Custom Maps - Full of spots for leveling.
Custom Jewels / Treasure Boxes / Events
... and more!!

Special commands in the game:
/post Global Chat Message (10.000.000 Zen)
/pkclear to clear pk
/addagi add the points Agility.
/addstr add the points Strength.
/addene add the points a Energy
/addvit aadd the points a Vitality
/addcmd add the points a Command
/marry marry a character
/divorce divorce a character
/tracemarry Warps About your wife or husband.
/ware Changes warehouse - total 10
/skin of transformation, eg / skin 10

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