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Really give it a go. It takes place in the year 2421, there are eight groups of people tring to gain control of the universe. It's basically a sandbox game entirely controlled by the players, player run governments, stuff like that. Each of the eight factions has certain perks and abilities that help define them, though the players truly define them. If you commit crimes you have to go to jail and work off the penalty mining, you can get really deep into the economic system or you can even rise up and become a political force. The game has a lot of potential but it's basically an MMO with only a few hundred players and in a sandbox game that's supposed to be run by players, it's hard to enjoy it when there aren't enough. There are some people that only play the game to kill stuff but eventually they would be outnumbered if we could get more people in the game.I'm a member of the Guardians of Mankind and I role-play. I'm a member of the de Mistral family, one of the families that founded the Brotherhood of Shadows. It's pretty cool being able to effect the in-game world like we can. A single person can start a war, or end one.The game's come a long way since it changed developers and I'd just really like to see more players in it. The best thing I can suggest is coming in with a group of friends and trying to get involved in whatever faction you join. Once you get a foothold and get into the game, you'll be hooked for life. I know I was.
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