TOPIC: KOTOR 2 Is Finally Finished

KOTOR 2 Is Finally Finished 10 years 2 weeks ago #379933

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For those that to truly say they've played it to completion.KOTOR 2 Is Finally Finished
Those that made their way through to the "end" of Knights of the Old Republic 2 will be aware that the game they just "finished" wasn't anything of the sort.Tight timeframes ended up in a rushed development cycle, in turn resulting in a game that had huge chunks missing from the final, playable product. Chunks that coders later found out were included on the disc, albeit in a rough, unfinished form.So some modders took it upon themselves to yank out that code, polish it up, drop it into the final game and give us all the version of KOTOR 2 that developers Obsidian originally intended.
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