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A few questions. If it helps to answer them I am a very casual player.1. How does this game compare to WoW in a sense of leveling time? (Yes I know this is a very subjective thing. Please answer in any way you wish. IE: Time to get to max level, time to get one level to the next.) I'm looking more for feel than actual numbers.2. I like melee classes and I have read on some Warhammer forums that the knockback powers are a bit much. Given that this does seem to be a PvP heavy game, are the complaints like the "Blizzard just broke my class" stuff, or are they valid?3. Most importantly to me. :D Can you remap all the keys?
Leveling is not as bad as people are saying.I would say that if you level properly (by doing solo PvE quests as rapidly as possible), you will average:45 mins/rank in tier 1 (level 1-11)2 hours/rank in tier 2 (Level 12-21)3.5 hours/rank in tier 3 (Level 22-31)5 hours/rank in tier 4 (level 32-40)Time to hit 40 = ~108 hours/ 4.5 days played.If you play an average of 4 hours a day or so you can hit max rank in a month.You can do this even quicker if you have an aoe class and team up with a healer.
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40 ranks but there is also 80 renown ranks...:o
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