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SWG: Jump to Lightspeed expansion 15 years 7 months ago #2885

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Ok so I played SWG when it first came out and was pretty dissapointed, but now the new expansion is coming out and it has me wondering if it may be worth it to give SWG another try. Now I was thrilled when the space combat was going to be realtime, as the X-Wing and TIE figter games were space sims that I absolutely loved. Here's the deal though I've searched and searched but haven't found any definate description of how the space combat works. I've seen it being described as jittery or arcady and read that it is both joystick and mouse and keyboard do-able. So I was just hoping someone who may have been at E3 or who might have read something that could clarify this a bit more could shine some light on this subject for me. :-)
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SWG: Jump to Lightspeed expansion 15 years 7 months ago #2935

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the Jump to Lightspeed is rumoured to be very much like X-Wing Alliance in its style of play. That means realtime combat and space flight which is currently lacking in SWG...SWG is an Role Playing Game. It has a fully developed economy that is player run. A turn based combat that has you selecting a target then pressing an 'attack key' to start combat. No additional reflexes are required on the player. You simply sit back and wait for the combat to end, either with you dead or your opponent. SWG is also a very slow game. You grind away at certain skills to advance in the game to eek just that little bit more from it. SWG is what you make it, if you give a lot then SWG rewards you. Sadly the amount you have to give in time especially can be a bit steep for most. In summary then repeat after me: SWG is an RPG SWG is an RPG SWG is an RPG Once you understand that you will know what to expect of it.
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