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Monado: Beginning of the WorldGametrailers video Word DebutDeveloped by Monolith Soft, the folks also responsible for Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos."A lone warrior chopping through an army of robotic warriors with an outsized Cloud Strife-like energy sword. Colossal war machines advancing though a misty canyon, shooting anything that moves. The few remaining human defenders hiding behind simple wooden shields that are no match for high-energy weapons. Welcome to the world of Monado."Decribed as having a very Steampunk design. "Gameplay appears to be open-world, where you'll traverse lush jungles, glowing forests, climb sheer walls, and encounter the crumbling remains of a conquered people. It looks nicely textured and details pop, animating at what looks like a smooth 30 fps."Quotes from IGN Preview I have to see more. But I liked Baten Keitos and Xenosaga enough to pay attention to these as more info gets released. Until than it's good to see they're not working on Mario Party or something.
[gamercard]JimPatrick[/gamercard]"The future changes as we stand here, else we are the game pieces of the gods, not their heirs, as we have been promised.""Tanis comes to me for advice, not because I am a seer. He comes because I am able to think, which is something most of these other fools seem incapable of doing."-Raistlin
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