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This has been known for a while but news came out recently that this is coming state side. XSeed is bringing this over. Game by Takashi Shimizu. Seems to be partially based on the movie the Grudge he did, if the title is any indication.The game does feature 2 player support but not in the traditional sense.The second player can "trigger spectral events for Player 1, to try to freak them out even more.""It looks pretty good. I got a look at the game in action at XSEED's meeting room here on the show floor at this year's E3, and it certainly has the right look -- grungy, dark and dreary. Your character slowly explores shadowy, haunted environments as the Wii Remote functions as your flashlight. You can move along at as fast or as slow of a pace as you want -- but, if you dawdle in one place too long, the ghosts will come out to play.Tables spontaneously shook, footprints appeared in the dust out of nowhere, and partially-visible specters took flight away from the heroine as I looked on, already glancing around the room myself for the nearest available exit. The heroine continued her exploration, cautiously, and encountered a demon-possessed child hiding behind a nearby door -- who then disappeared.This game is &^%$'d up, no doubt about it"Quote's from IGN E3 PreviewThis is described as an interactive, slow-paced exploration of a psychologically straining set of environments that will, guaranteed, cause you to have nightmares for weeks. Will release apparently October close to Holloween of this year.I'll keep my eye on this. I'm still just surprised this game found a US publisher. Thank god. It sounded from the Famitsu publisher that this Director is putting a lot of time and effort into this. I'm curious what he comes up with when it's finished. A number of Survival Horror games being worked on by a couple different studios, for the Wii, gives me confidence that one of the initial reasons I got the system still has a chance of being fully realized. Whether they will stand up to some of my favorites like Silent Hill, Call of Cthulu, Fatal Frame, and Eternal Darkness is still up in the air though.
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