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Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage 10 years 8 months ago #358675

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I was wondering if anyone else had tried this out today?I have to say I'm some what disappointed with the first batch of content for probably my favorite game of last year. For 800 points I would have expected more than what I got. For me the biggest gripe is that if you have played through the main game and then attempt OA you will breeze through it in next to no time and it will hardly seem like a challenge at all. Another thing that bothers me about this content is the fact that they seem to have made a small change to the way items are collected within the game world. In the main game when you hover the targeting reticule over the item you can click away with your hearts content and know that you can gather a batch of items without having to be too accurate, but they seem to have dropped this method for the DLC making collecting items a real pain in that unless you are directly over the item picking it up feels like hard work.Maybe I just expected the same polish of the original title but for me this is the 'horse armor' of Fallout 3 and I just hope that the next crop of DLC has a bit of meat to it.
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