757 Dead Pixel Live 4.15.13

Dead Pixel Live leaves you hanging this episode. Loserly explains her intent with creating LE and how she doesn't feel her goals are being accomplished. Mayor Young calls in to let her know that he understands where she is coming from, but he thinks she should keep on keeping on. Burr, Redertainment, Xenocore, and Bridget are all there to join in on a conversation about transgender representation in comic books. Derrick stays quiet mostly, until the end of the show when he manages to slip in some F1 racing discussion. Will LE be back with a new format? Will Loserly start another show? She needs a little time to think it over. If you want to leave her feedback, contact her on the allgames.com or deadpixellive.com forums.

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Download Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/GriddlecakesRadio/~3/XjIqKFgCjG4/deadpixellive041513.mp3


0 #1 powersource jason Zelda 2013-06-04 18:05
Ms. Loserly, I just listened to this episode, You have asked for more themes, please contact me and let me know what segments you would like me to make themes for and I will get to work on it. You will be missed on DPL'Le.

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