723 Dead Pixel Live 11.26.12

Dead Pixel Live moves into a themepark in this episode. DPL:Loserly Edition starts out with DerrickH mackin' on honeyz at da club, and Loserly laughing at the results. We interview Daniel Ruke, co-creator of the Game Nation themepark, the first ever themepark built for gamers. He gives us answers about the highly anticipated park, everythng from admission price to who's on the board of directors. We learn details about the 3 phase rollout for Game Nation, the ride rating system and more. Will it be the next DisneyWorld? You need to listen to find out. After the interview, Loserly, Sir Sebastian , Xenocore, and Burr comment on the news while Derrick does a perfect french accent.


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Download Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/GriddlecakesRadio/~3/z4nJgv1CLws/deadpixellive112612.mp3

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