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718 Dead Pixel Live 11.05.12

Dead Pixel Live caps that in this episode. DPL:Loserly Edition brings the co-founders of to the show to talk about their social merchandising website and the partnership with Assassin's Creed 3(protip - use the code HOPKINS50 for 50% off). And it's not just AC3, but almost any video you have can become a personalized work of art....

721 Dead Pixel Live 11.19.12

Dead Pixel Live looks for a Wii U in this episode. DPL:LE has Loserly , Derrick, Burr, Tedakin, and Xenocore all talking about the Wii U. Some like it, some dont. The post office doesnt like pixelbots. Everyone likes Skylanders. No one likes Zooey Dechanel. Loserly reminds us how good Game of Thrones is. We speculate on possible rides for the Game...

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