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Balloon Fight Night! WiiU HighScore Competition

Balloon Fight Night

Get the highest score in Balloon Fight. We're taking it old school with the NES classic, Balloon Fight on the Ninendo Wii U and Wii. Float among the clouds, popping the enemy's balloons while staying airborne, and stay away from the balls of lightning that will take you out in a second.

All you need to do to win is get the high score on single player mode and you'll win not only the admiration of your peers, but also a Limited Edition Atari Tempest Hot Wheels vehicle.

Just how old school is old school? Since Balloon fight doesn't have online leaderboards, to register your score, take a picture of your score and post it in this thread in the AG Forums. You can use a camera, cell phone or even a polaroid. Then reply to this thread with the image link.

The highest score at the end of the competition will be crowned the AG Balloon Fight Champion and take home the prize.

tempest2 thumb

You can download Balloon Fight for the WiiU through the Nintendo Shop for 30 cents. (Yep, 1 quarter and a nickel)

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