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In Memorium: Leonard "Spock" Nimoy

leonard nimoy as spock
     I remember as a bright eyed little boy, I would watch star trek in syndication at 12:30 am on la's Kcop TV before it was UPN and the nothing it is now. I remember watching Kirk and Spock differ on approaches to the same situations. it struck a chord with me. They were opposite sides of the same coin or like the two parts of the brain. Kirk was the impulse and Spock was the logical after thought. At least thats how i saw it at the tender age of 7. This is a terrible eulogy to the great Leonard Nimoy only beacause im not writing about what a great actor he was or his many other interets like photography and music. Nimoy's passing makes me take a logical look at DEATH. Makes me think about DEATH, really think, not feel. I feel saddened by the news of his passing but I didn't know him personally.  Most facebook and Twitter and tumbler etc...( it's where anything else to the Internet ?) are posting crying emoticons or fan art or appropriating fan art to commemorate the great Leonard Nimoy, to truly honor his character Spock I choose to think. Think, that word it is equally a verb as it it is a command. THINK. In Nimoy's passing I am forced to think of death, and different forms of it. Murder, Pestilence, acts of God (whatever that means), freedom from pain. DEATH is the ultimate reward for suffering. It is the abstract that should be idolized and made a deity that to be worshipped above all else. No matter what religious belief one has DEATH is ever looming over the proverbial shoulder. DEATH is the constant variable in the grand equation. Everything everyone does is either rushing towards DEATH or avoiding it. Good bye Spock may DEATH's loving embrace warm you for eternity.

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