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We're Going to the DMW L.A. Games Conference

Digital Media Wire’s L.A. Games Conference will be held on May 1, 2014 and AllGames will be there to cover it. The LA Games Conference stands apart from public events like Pax and Industry events like E3 because it focuses the business side of gaming. This one day event at the famous iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA would be closer to an Executive Corporate Retreat. Instead of showing off new games and hardware, the innovations rolled out will be customer acquisition strategies and monetizing game plans. It’s a rare peek behind the curtain on how and why successful game companies become successful game companies. The decision makers from powerhouses like Sony, Facebook, EA, Nexon, and Activision will sharing some of the secrets to their success. If you want to know whether F2P will survive, or the next step for DLC, or how much longer will physical media survive, then the place to be isn’t at a random online blog, it’s a at the DMW LA games Conference.

If you arent able to blreak the piggybank and get a ticket, ranging from $499 to $1000, don’t worry because AllGames will bring you hot button topics from the conference floor.Find out more about the event at and

While you're waiting, check out our report from last years coference.

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