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723 Dead Pixel Live 11.26.12

Dead Pixel Live moves into a themepark in this episode. DPL:Loserly Edition starts out with DerrickH mackin' on honeyz at da club, and Loserly laughing at the results. We interview Daniel Ruke, co-creator of the Game Nation themepark, the first ever themepark built for gamers. He gives us answers about the highly anticipated park, everythng from...

Game Nation Celebration: My Gamer Nerd Dreams Have Come True


 As a gamer, have you ever wondered where you could go to fulfill your video game fantasies? Then you say to yourself,
sure, I can go to any of the various Cons that are held throughout the year. At these Cons, you will see trailers of the
future games to be, wait on rediculously long lines for a vertical slice demo or to get a t-shirt. But there's still
something missing. This is where Daniel T. Ruke comes into play.


“Game Nation Celebration is our celebratory launch party to showcase all of the amazing things we are doing at Game
Nation, from the Theme Park to the Role-playing game. Everything we do is based on the vision ‘It’s Your Theme Park’,”
says RUKE, Creator of Game Nation. “Fort Myers will be our first test area where visitors will get an exclusive feeling of
what’s to come. They’ll be able to evaluate some of the latest gaming technologies.”

Think of Game Nation Celebration as the first in a wonderful chain reaction of goodness. Live music, check.
Interactive Role Playing, check. Video game tournaments, check. Activities and areas for the kids, super check. Prizes and
more, ultra check! Different adventures, areas, and activities will be labled using the Entertainment Software Rating
Board or ESRB. So for the kiddies there is E for everyone. If you want something with a little more bite, then M for mature
might be more your speed.



Game Nation’s mission is to create a realistic experience that immerses you into the story. By combining video game
mechanics with interactive physical themed attractions, rides and roller coasters, we are creating the world’s first
Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort. Visitors will become players as they step into a re-creation of worlds
based on popular video games filled with myths, legends and arenas. It’s a place where dreams and fantasies will come to
life. But it’s not a video game. It’s a physical large-scale theme park and resort.

This whole wonderland of awesome will take place November 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Downtown River District of Fort
Myers, FL. Pre-registration is open and tickets are limited so get them while you can. If you want more, info go to and fill your head sponge with GN data bits.

If you're new to this whole video game lifestyle or you've been gaming since Tennis For Two, Game Nation Celebration
is the definitive destination to be enjoyed by all ages.

766 Dead Pixel Live 6.20.13

gamenation logo

Dead Pixel Live goes down an alley in this episode. Derrick rants about how E3 reports have ignored the majority of the show and how news about WeTheForce, Hyperkin, USO, etc goes unreported. Hect and Tedakin join in as we discuss the Ouya and why Derrick will probably buy one

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