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Author Baine Kelly on Mom's Minute 7/28/14

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Ms. H welcomes critically acclaimed author, Baine Kelly to Mom's Minute on 7/28. Baine Kelly's latest novella, Splash, is set in the 'Sable World' she's created. Filled with vampires (without the sparkle) and the supernatural, Splash is the perfect entry point for readers into the intricate landscape that spans centuries.

Listen to the show live at 7pm est / 4pm pst at and hear how Ms. Kelly got her start, whats next, and maybe a few spoilers from the series. You can get interactive in the AllGames chat room and send questions directly to the host.  If you can't make the show live because you're too busy looking for a batch of O postive, you can still leave questions in the comments sections below.




0 #1 RealMsH 2014-07-27 19:02
Baine Kelly's Splash is a force to be reckoned with in the literary vampire landscape. Given the creative scope she took with her Sable World Novella, Splash, one must wonder what she has up her sleeve, or more importantly, what she will reveal in her continuing Sable World series. If Splash is any indication of her coming attractions in the way of vampire themed books, you will not be disappointed. I got a feeling that Splash is only the beginning with lots of mystery, intrigue, action and more in her vampire genre books to follow!

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