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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist - A Review

Written by RealMsH

Street Fighter:  Assassins FistStreet Fighter: Assassins Fist

Have you ever read a book that had such an engrossing story, that you could not wait to turn the pages?  This analogy will sum up my assessment of the Machinima's youtube series:  Street Fighter:  Assassin's Fist.  From the very first episode to the last, I was on a Street Fighter:  Assassin's Fist watching binge as I watched one episode after the other.  Here's why this series was a huge "page turner" for me -- wiithout spoilers, just in case you may want to watch it for yourself.


What is a good series without a solid storyline?  I found Street Fighter:  Assassin's Fist with a compelling story and one that was easy to follow.  This was not strictly a video game that was turned into a youtube series, but in my opinion, it would have been an exciting story to watch even it there was not a tie in to one of the greatest fighting video games, Street Fighter.  In fact,  I would have happily watched this series in the theatre as a live, action film.  In my opinion, it was that good.

 The plot involved family, friends, aspirations, discovery, competitions, challenges and much more.  The story was revealed in such a way that kept my interest high, and with the end of each episode, I wanted to find out what would happen next.


The two main characters in this series are Ryu and Ken.  As you may know, these characters are from the Street Fighter video games.  In fact, Ryu, is the character I usually select when I play the Super Street Fighter IV video game.  There were other characters as well from the video game, including Kuma and others.  I felt  the friendship and comradary displayed between Ryu and Ken were not only admirable but was the glue that held parts of the story together.  The flashback scenes were creatively done where I could relate a past event to what was happening current day with Ryu and Ken. There was a supporting character who had a major role in the series as well.  

A few negatives about this series is I had to close my ears to some of the language, but for the most part the dialogue between the characters were done in such a way to advance the story along nicely and did not lag or lose my interest.  There was also a part where a female character was given an order, almost as if she was a child and one of the supporting characters referred to one of the characters as "a woman" which seemed out of place.  However, these few negatives did not outweigh the positives, in my opinion.  As each episode ended with a Street Fighter logo, I eagerly awaited for the next one to begin.Ryu and Ken in actionRyu and Ken in action

Action Scenes

Since Street Fighter is essentially a fighting video game, you may expect that just about every scene would have fights; however, this was not the case.  Fighting occurs as it fit the storyline, so there was not any random fighting going on.  In fact, there is a scene in one of the episodes that gives the series a chance to make the whole segment about fighting.  I was glad that another direction was taken, and instead of seeing actual fights, defeated fighters were shown being escorted out of the fighting venue as Ryu and Ken looked on.

Again, without any spoilers there were some favorite action scenes that I thought were very well done.  I liked the way the fire ball scenes were enacted and I got the feeling that one was really being crafted as the characters stood to the side with their hands positioned to create the fireballs. I enjoyed watching the choreographed fight scenes where Ryu, Ken and Gouken would pose in karate positions and perform fight moves in unison.  Truth be told,  I liked all of the fighting scenes.  My favorite moves were the Shoryuken and the high jump kicks that, in my opinion, looked exactly like those in the Super Street Fighter video game that I played.

Life Lessons

Of course the purpose of this series is to entertain -- which in my opinion, it did quite well; however, I also took into the account the positive messages that were evident throughout the series, especially when the trainer was imparting advice and enlightenment to Ryu and Ken.  Of the many messages in this movie, the two that stuck with me were "Be Strong" -- and "show the world what you are made of"  -- in a positive way.  When you watch this series, I think you will not only enjoy the actions, story, etc. but you may come away from the series with a message that may get you thinking --  even if the message is a simplistic one such as to "let go of your fears and open up."Ken, Gouken and RyuKen, Gouken and Ryu

How to Watch Street Fighter:  Assassin's Fist

You can watch the series now on YouTube, as well as on your video game console. I watched the series partly on my Mac and on my Xbox One using the Machinima app.  Each of the 12 episodes that make up the series is short in duration (less than 15 minutes).  The only drawback is the short commercials that appear before the series start, but I guess that is to be expected with youtube videos.  If you prefer not to watch all 12 episodes at once, you can always watch a few and watch the rest later.  However, if you do not like to be kept in suspense, you probably will do as I did and quickly advance to the next episode and find out what happens next. 

If you are a Street Fighter fan, or like to watch well-crafted movies and shows, I highly recommend you watch Street Fighter:  Assassin's Fist.  This series has action, drama, suspense, mystery, inspiration, messages, comedy and much more.  Take it from me, you will not be disappointed.



0 #1 Street Fighter Fan 2014-06-29 05:45
No doubt that this is the best Street fighter adaptation to ... i wanted to say TV but its an Internet show, so i don't really know how to categorize a show like that. Anyway it doesn't really matter because this show is 10 times batter than the movie we got to see in 1994, the one with Van Damme and i don't even want to compare Street Fighter Assassins Fist to the abortion of a movie we saw in 2009, my god that movie was terrible. It was amazing to see how the creators of this show managed to stay true to the Street fighter original story and spirit with so few resources.

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