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AllGames Console Power Rankings 5/19 - 5/26

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Each week the AllGames Console Power Rankings will the rank the impact of gaming consoles. This is not a sales chart. It is compiled by the Allgames editorial staff using data about each console's current status in the gaming zeitgiest. Media coverage, title releases, corporate dealings, and other components can all influence the rankings.  

Rank Last Week   Console Comments
15  -4  

Neo Geo X


As E3 gets closer and with the legal battles still unresolved, it seems like the little retro portable that could...can't
14  -  

 Hyperkin Retron 5


Hyperkin's mythological retro powerhouse might actually be close to being released...maybe..possibly
13  -  

 Nintendo Wii

nintendo wii

A final gasp as Nintendo turns off multiplayer for it's most successful system
12  -5  

 Kindle Fire TV

amazon fire tv

It's starting to become apparent that Amazon isn't really interested in being a game company
11  -  

NVidia Shield


 So much power in such a small package. If only Nvidia would let people know about it.  
10 +2  

Steam Machine


As the PC Master Race begins to reassert its dominance, Valve's box will be a big part in moving it from the den to the living room
9  -  



Ever feel like you're working twice as hard and not moving forward. That must be how Ouya feels every week
8  +2  

 Nintendo 2DS


Let's be honest, most people slide the 3D tab all the way down anyway, right?
7  -2  

Nintendo 3DS


6  -2  

Xbox 360


If MS abandoned the Kinect, gamers are wondering how much longer the 360 has to live
5  +1  



New bundles made the baby Playstation look like a true bargain
4  +4  

Nintendo Wii U

wii u

Mario Kart 8 has every one hyped. Now Nintendo needs to keep that momentum going.
3  -  



 Sheer numbers can't be ignored.
2  -1  

Sony PS4


How will Sony respond to the Xbox price drop? Do they even need to?.
1  +1  

Xbox One


A $100 price drop made the Xbox One a lot more desireable. But without the Kinect, can it still stand out? 



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