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AllGames Console Power Rankings 5/5 - 5/12

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Each week the AllGames Console Power Rankings will the rank the impact of gaming consoles. This is not a sales chart. It is compiled by the Allgames editorial staff using data about each console's current status in the gaming zeitgiest. Media coverage, title releases, corporate dealings, and other components can influence the rankings.  

Rank Last Week   Console Comments
15  -  



 It's not the mythical Retron5, but i'll do for now
14  -  

 Nintendo 2DS


 The 2DS is a solid piece of tech that was made obsolete before it was even released. 
13  -  

 Steam Machine


 Once they hit stores, they'll be a force to reckon with. But right now, Valve's traditional lack of promotion isn't helping to hype up the line. 
12  -  

 Nvidia Shield


 Nvidia had a strong showing at PAX East...for it's graphics cards.Meanwhile, the Shield continues to be seen as just a remote display for the PC
11  -  

 Neo Geo X


 The legal battle going on between SNK and Tommo isn't helping a retro console that had an uphill battle to begin with.  
10  -  

 Kindle Fire TV

amazon fire tv

 Amazon enters the console wars with a bang. Voice Control, low price, big marketing blitz..but it forgot to bring the games
9  -  



 Another cool Emulator release buys the Ouya another week of lffe. But how long can it hold out against Amazon?
8  -  

 Atari 2600


 Nostalgia is a powerful force. Especially when it's dug up in the Arizona desert and hits every news outlet known to man. 
7  -  



 Sony refuses to give up on the Vita. And with a steady flow of titles this week, gamers aren't giving up on it either
6  -  



 The workhorse that's keeping Nintendo afloat.
5  -  

 Xbox 360


 While TiitanFall proved the Xbox 360 is still relavent, another lackluster Games With Gold announcement takes away any momentum the console had
4  -  

 Wii U

wii u

 Nintendo excited everyone with more Mario Kart 8 news. But it's still months away and there's little to play until then.
3  -  



 No BluRay, no problem. The PSN Plus free AAA titles are keeping the PS3 in the mix.
2  -  



 The PS4 is riding high off of strong sales and a solid lineup of titles. But the news of declining BluRay sales and big losses from parent comany Sony have shown a dent it the PS4 armor
1  -  

 Xbox One


 The Xbox One managed to hold off the PS4 strong sales numbers by announcing a full lineup of online shows. Being able to throw the name Steven Speilberg around doesn't hurt.

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