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Next Gen Console Alternatives

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Christmas means one thing and one thing only. New videogame consoles. This year gives us some huge offerings from the big three, Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s Playstation 4, and Nintendo’s WiiU. But what if you dont want to follow the crowd. What if you have $500 of console buying money burning a hole in your pocket, but dont want to hand it over to those billion dollar corporations.


We checked in with some prominent members of the All Games community which consoles they would buy this Christmas, but with a slight twist. There are 3 rules:

  • They can choose as many consoles as they want, as long as the total retail cost is $500 or less
  • They can only choose new products. No rummaging through thrift stores or ebay listings.
  • The systems can’t be from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft  

Take a look and see what they chose and let us know what alternative systems you'd get with $500 in the comments section.



 Derrick Hopkins (Dead Pixel Live)

DerrickH hosts the weekly podcast Dead Pixel Live here on Allgames.com. He's been known to dwell on retro gaming as a 'golden age' of gaming but oddly enough he still manages to get every next gen console.


His list shows off this duality with a mix of old and new consoles.



$250 - Nvidia Shield -

nga nvidia-shield

This was a tossup between the Nvida Shield and the MadCatz Mojo. Both let me play phone games on the big screen, but the Nvidia Shield also lets me stream PC games, pushing it over the top.


$175 - Neo Geo X -

nga neo-geo-x-gold

It may seem a little over-priced, but when you realize this same setup with the games would have cost way over $1000 when it was released, it’s a no brainer. You get a flood of great looking and great playing arcade titles in a package that fits into your pocket.


$75 - Atari Flashback -

nga Atari flashback 4

It was either this or one of the Retron boxes. I went with the Atari Flashback because come on, it’s Atari.And unlike the Retron, it has 75 games worth of blocky pixel goodness already loaded in. It even has wireless controllers.





 Esgee (R9Cast)

 Stephen Gibson, otherwise known as Esgee from the R9Cast is a unabashed fan of high tech gaming. His selections reflect his interest in staying on the leading edge while still getting the most bang for the buck.

Listen to him and his cohost BrigitteB every Sunday on Allgames.com



$250 -Nvidia Shield-

nga nvidia-shield

I'm not a super hardcore PC elitist, but the idea of being able to stream PC games to this handheld controller screen contraption is alluring. Not to mention it also has a suite of android based apps to choose from. To date, it's the most powerful handheld console. It's a beefy machine in a portable package.


$100 -Ouya-

nga ouya

It's just my morbid curiosity that allows this console to reside on this list. I must admit of having some hype for this prior to release but as the reviews came in, that hype quickly turned to stoic mehs. I still like the industrial design of it. A very cool looking paper weight.


$60 -Retron 3-

nga retron3

Let me first say that my first choice of consoles from Hyperkin was the Retron 5, but a delay due to faulty pins has caused me to choose it's older sibling. I have over 200 games and would like to have an all in one machine to accommodate my collection.


$60-Sega Genesis Arcade Portable by AT Games-

nga segagenesisportable

I used to be a hardcore Sega Fanboy. I guess I kind of still am. The main reason I play video games, the game that made me fall in love with video games was a Sega Game. That game was Space Harrier. With it's 15 built in games and a SD card slot




 Lord Moon (Writer)

Lord Moon, aka Tracy-Mark Gorgas, is a long time contributor to AllGames. His tastes lean toward not just the Next Gen, but the Next Next Gen. Having played nearly every system out (and some that still arent), his list is filled with cutting edge tech and new ideas. Check out his latest review of LocoCycle for the Xbox One


 $250 -Nvidia Shield-

nga nvidia-shield

Hard choice between the Madcatz M.O.J.O. and the NVidia Shield. I got to play around with the M.O.J.O. at E3 and found it to be a pretty damn good system and I like the fact they let you tap whatever Android market you want Google Play, Amazon, and Nvidia's TegraZone. The Shield looks to be limited to their store and Google Play.

But I love the idea of PC streaming. The Shield is also portable, the M.O.J.O. isn't. So I'd probably slide to the Shield. $250


$60-Sega Genesis Arcade Portable by AT Games-

nga segagenesisportable

I'm more of a SEGA guy so I would go with the SEGA Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player with a great collection of 80 games, granted it's limited to SEGA and CAPCOM games, but there is a good selection, plus again it's portable also. $50


$100 - Sifteo Cubes

nga Sifteo-Cubes

Lastly would be something that seems to flown under everyone's radar, Sifteo Cubes. I already have a set of these, both the original and the newer fully portable touchscreen versions. They make games a little more challenging and fun with each cube having it's own touchscreen.

  Leftover money would go towards games on the Shield and OUYA systems.




 Redertainment (Writer)

Hunter Red (Redertainment) values gameplay over all else when it comes to consoles. With a selection filled with retro consoles, he'll have access to hundreds of games great games and still have cash left over for extra controllers. Read more of his insights at , R.C.O.A.: The Four Stars Blog


 $60 -Retron 3-

nga retron3

This is the Retron 3.  There have been many devices like this put out over the years, but this device combines all of the best things that all of the people who love retro consoles obsess over.  The Retron 3 is a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and a Sega Genesis all wrapped up in one.  While the Retron 3 doesn’t have all of the features of the upcoming Retron 5, namely the ability to play games from two more retro consoles, the Retron 3 has the unique feature of actually being available for purchase right now


$45 -FC Mobile II

nga fc-movile-ii

$75 -Hyperkin Supaboy-

nga Hyperkin-SupaBoy

$60-Sega Genesis Arcade Portable by AT Games-

nga segagenesisportable

There are plenty of options available for people who want to indulge in retro gaming on the go., such as the FC Mobile II and the Hyperkin SUPABOY, some options reek of piracy, like the At Games Ultimate Portable Game Player.  However, since these don’t involve me having to download game ROMs that may or may not work, I’m going to go with them


Throwing in the three portable retro consoles, along with the one non-portable retro console and two wireless controllers, brings my total $400





0 #2 TigerClaw 2013-12-24 20:50
Here's the interesting part, You can find the Atari Flashback, Sega Genesis Arcade Portable and the Sega Genesis Console with the built in games and a cartridge slot at a Family Dollar Store.
0 #1 Redertainment 2013-12-24 18:14
Lord Moon, you're right, these Sifteo Cubes had flown under my radar. Very interesting. I'll have to put that on my To Do List.

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