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Is A Gaming Laptop For You?

Written by RealMsH

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Now that the next generation video game consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One,  have launched, maybe you would be interested to know about another medium to play your favorite video games.  Did you know there are laptops designed especially for playing video games?  Of the many gaming laptops available, one that caught my eye was the Razer Blade.  Recently, while browsing in an electronics store, the Razer Blade gaming laptop caused me to take a second look.  In additon to the, in my opinion, eye-catching display, the claim that it was the world's thinnest gaming laptop pixed my interest.



I took the opportunity to actually use and navigate sites on the Razer Blade gaming laptop to get a feel of using this technology.  In addition to being ultra-thin and light-weight, the Razer Blade gaming laptop was, in my opinion relatively expensive, bordering on a $2,000.00 price tag, $1,999.99 to be exact as of this printing.  During my on-hands inspection of this gaming laptop, I looked on the sides of the laptop, searching for the familiar CD rom where discs for PC games and other types CDs/DVDs are inserted -- but there was none.  After talking to the saleperson, I found out that even though this particular gaming laptop did not have a CD rom per se, there really was no need for it, since most of the games that would be played on the laptop would probably be downloaded from the internet.  He informed me there were other gaming laptops that had a place for discs.  We walked to the other side of the store, where more laptops were located.  There, he pointed out to me an Asus gaming laptop that had a CD rom slot.  I immediately noticed how much heavier and bulkier this gaming laptop seemed to be when compared to the Razer Blade.  The Asus laptop was almost half the price of the Razer Blade and I could instinctly tell the Razer Blade gaming laptop appeared to be of a higher quality.  The salesperson confirmed my instincts by stating that the Razer Blade gaming laptop was a much better gaming system than the Asus.


Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

When I asked the salesperson what was the difference between the Asus gaming laptop and the Razer Blade, his answer was the Razer Blade displayed better gaming graphics and had a "solid state" configuration.  I researched further and found out the Razer Blade is designed especially and primarily for gaming.  It weighs a mere 4.1 lbs and has a 14.0 display with an LED backlight.  Regarding its thinness -- this laptop's depth is usually compared to the size of a dime -- to give you a visual of just how thin this laptop is.  According to the Razer Blade gaming laptop's website, it has an all aluminum chasis, that is seamlessly integrated with gaming grade peripherals that take gaming to a whole new level.


Razer Blade Gaming Laptop keyboard

You may say that this is all well and good -- but at the end of the day -- a gaming laptop is just that -- a gaming laptop.  Some may also question why the seemingly exhorbitant price tag for this laptop.  There are some people who would disagree with the statement that gaming laptops are similar to PCs.  For starters, gaming laptops are distinguishable from other PCs in that they contain high-end hardware, capable of handling the latest graphics and process intensive computer games.  Additionally, it's been said that gaming laptops can do what a regular PC does; however, PCs are unable to perform some of the functions of a gaming laptop -- which may also be used as a basis to justify its high price tag.

Of course, video game consoles are expected to be around long into the future.  However, if you want to look into another device to play computer and video games, you may want to check out the Razer Blade or even other types of laptops and computers manufacured especially for playing and in some cases developing video games.  Just as the genre of video games has expanded from wide varieties and types of games, so has the technology blossomed and spread to provide more choices upon which video games are played -- including gaming laptops such as the Razer Blade.



0 #2 RealMsH 2013-12-21 20:06
Thank you for your insightful comments. There are definite differences between a regular PC and a gaming laptop which, in my opinion, are plusses, since video game players can make choices of which would serve his or her purposes the best, or can simply choose which video game playing device is preferred over the other. That being said, there are certain cost considerations that may sway the decision to choose one over the other. I appreciate you visiting, and invite you to return often.
0 #1 Baelic 2013-12-21 13:35
"Additionally, it's been said that gaming laptops can do what a regular PC does; however, PCs are unable to perform some of the functions of a gaming laptop -- which may also be used as a basis to justify its high price tag."

Excuse me?! You may be a "gamer" but you have absolutely no clue about the hardware of which you play those games on. Gaming PCs not only have access to faster CPUs and GPUs compared to their laptop cousins, but have access to those at a more economical price. On top of all that Laptops, much like Consoles, are locked into the hardware that they are built on (which some exceptions depending on make and model, but even then it's limited to certain parts). Whereas PCs can be constantly upgraded to newer, faster, and cheaper hardware. There's also the teeny issue of being limited to the screen size of the laptop, when you can get a bigger monitor or even two or more monitors for a PC.

Lets also not forget the final issue with Laptops when they break down, unless it's a hard drive you have to replace the entire unit. On PCs if something breaks down you just replace the part that broke down.

The statement I quote implies that Gaming Laptops are somehow inferior to Gaming PCs, which for the reasoning I spoke of is far from the truth. They have certainly gotten better in the last few years but you will always pay a price in $$, power, and hardware convenience when you get a high-end gaming PC.

Oh, and for the record. The "Dime" reference is that it's thinner than a Dime when standing on it's edge, as opposed to the actual thickness of the Dime.

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