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Ali - 42 Level One interviews Pwnee Studios

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Today I had the pleasure of talking to pwnee studios about their brilliant new title - Cloudberry Kingdom !
First off let's set the scene and tell us how you would describe cloudberry...
Cloudberry Kingdom is a randomly generated 2d platformer that will provide you with an infinite number of levels. It's like Mario and Trials HD met one day and decided to have a child. They named that child Cloudberry Kingdom.

What were some of your influences going into cloudberry?
Our biggest influence was Mario 3. There was something just so perfect about that game, we really wanted to re-create it with infinite levels. After we started on the initial design, we realized that we could add more obstacles and more hero physics...so we got a little carried away and added a ton of them!

Tell us about the various modes, my personal favourite is time crisis as it keeps you on your toes even more!
There are a number of modes in the game. We have 3 main modes, Story Mode, Arcade, and Free Play. Story Mode is a classic take on platformers where you follow a simple story, and progress through levels on your way to complete it. Arcade is more of a compact experience, where you start with a certain number of lives, or a certain amount of time - and try to make it as far as you can while the levels ramp up in difficulty. Free Play mode is like a giant sandbox where you can utilize our random generator to create your own levels and heroes to make whatever experience you desire. Love fireballs but hate elevators? You can make that! Want to have a  hero with quadruple jump and super gravity? You can do that too!

How many levels are included in the story mode?
In the Story mode of the game we have placed 320 levels for you to storm through on your way to greatness.

Were there any difficulties in picking the levels you used for story mode?
We were very picky about which levels we used for Story Mode. Every level was randomly generated, so we had to pick and choose levels that would increase the difficulty with the proper curve, as well as introducing obstacles at the correct rate to really learn the game better. We ended up generating thousands of levels to determine the perfect 320 to go into Story Mode. It was a painful process.

Which level is your personal favourite ? 
In the Story Mode, I have a couple of levels that I really enjoy for some reason or another. I like 43 because it's a huge surprise to the player with the insane number of lasers. I enjoy 77 because of the unique challenge it provides with the bouncy hero. I can't remember the number of the next one I like....but it's in very thick snow and contains nothing but very thin platforms. I really, really enjoy that one for some odd reason.

I designed my bob to look like the amazing bagman from spiderman... Is there an official look to bob or did you guys want players to have fun with customising?
Bob's "official" look is the default of green skinsuit and red cape. But we highly encourage customization, he's just not quite yours unless you get to make him how you want him! We have seen a number of very interesting Bobs around, and it is always fun to see how people like to customize their character. Everyone seems to have their own signature look.

Have you thought of including a player level editor ?
That's what Free Play mode is all about! You get to create your own level however you like it. You can control how long it is, how hard it is, how many checkpoints are in it, which obstacles and how many there are, etc.

Tell us a bit about the infinite levels....
Well, what is there to say? There are a lot of them....infinite in fact. Every level in the game is randomly generated, even the Story Mode was all created by our random level generator. The glory of the random generator is that you will never have to play the same level twice! So no more memorization needed, just good old-fashioned platforming fun.

The game is out now on steam , Wii u , ps3 and 360. Are there any major differences between the platforms eg Wii u specific control features?
For fairness, we decided to keep all of the platforms the same. We didn't want to give one platform preferential treatment over another - so we had to keep everything more or less the same across the board.

Ok so I've heard about the vita version coming soon , tell me is there any touch specific controls for the vita and are you planning on utilising cross buy/ cross save for it?
Vita will also be more or less the same as the rest for fairness purposes. We would like to utilize the cross buy aspect of it, but that is something that we are going to have to discuss more with Sony.

Any plans for next gen or other formats such as iOS?
We're definitely looking into the possibility of next gen and other formats. We would love to be everywhere that we can. We would like for Cloudberry Kingdom to spread world-wide and be available on every platform ideally.
Thanks very much for your time TJ I'm off to play some more levels as I just can't put it down !
Cloudberry kingdom is available now on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U , Steam and soon on Vita.
Alister Kennedy
42 Level One

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