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Pac-Man Battle Royale - Ready - Fight!

Written by RealMsH


What can I say about a game that's been around for more than thirty years and seems just as new as if it had been developed just yesterday? Answer:  "A lot."  There are many versions of this classic video game, and of course, none of the new Pac-Man games rival the original. In my opinion, the original Pac-Man will always be the best. It's a game that's probably been imitated, but can never really be duplicated.  I would describe Pac-Man as a video game that refuses to go quietly into that good-night, but instead reinvents itself for the enjoyment of Pac-Man video game players.  This is exactly what the developers responsible for the video game Pac-Man have done -- reinvented this game, time and time again.  By doing so, Pac-Man remains a fun video game to play, today -- some thirty-plus years later.

Of the many reinventions of this game, one of the most exciting, in my opinion, is the video game Pac-Man Battle Royale.  I happened upon this game when I was recently at a newly opened Dave and Buster's as part of my video game field trip for Mom's Minute Video Game Show. During opening night at Dave and Buster's (which was standing-room only), a crowd gathered around a group of players sitting and playing the Pac-Man Battle Royale game.  It was interesting to me to see the words in large letters appear on the gameplay screen, "Ready", "Fight!" before the Pac-Man matches started.   Pac-Man is a bonafide fighting game, where opponents go against each other in video gameplay for the win.

Actually, Pac-Man Battle Royale, as a fighting game, has been out for awhile now -- since January, 2011.  The game was brought out as part of Pac-Man's thirtieth anniversary after being introduced at various video game events such as E3 after parties and amusement expos before actually being released. Since that time, this game has not only retained die-hard Pac-Man fans but have possibly, more than likely, gained new Pac-Man fans as well. 


Pac-Man Battle Royale video game at Dave and Buster's

The video game fighting actions include eating the other Pac-Men or allowing them to be eaten by the ghosts in order to advance. From the happy and smiling faces of the players at Dave and Buster's, I could tell they were enjoying playing Pac-Man Battle Royale and competing against the other players for the win.

Did you know that Pac-Man Battle Royale has a facebook page -- which is unique to Namco games?  The facebook page, among other topics, tells you where you can play the game. I checked the Pac-Man Battle Royale facebook page and found out this game is currently going strong at Comic Con, being held in San Diego, CA.

Regardless of the type video games you play, you will probably be able to find a Pac-Man video game equivalent for it. Pac-Man video game shows no signs of becoming obsolete or evolving in a game resting on its past laurels.  Instead Pac-Man video games continue to gain popularity and from the looks of things -- will probably be even more popular for many years to come.

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