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Allgames E3 2013 Sad Booth Babe Photo Contest

Written by AllGames

Booth Babes are a staple of game conventions, smiling and taking pictures with the attendees. For the three days of E3, they bravely face a horde of gamers while still managing to represent their choosen company/game in a positive light. But after hours of smelly, sweaty, grabby photographers, it's a miracle that these women (and men) are still able to put on a happy face. They are so professional that finding a photo of an unhappy booth babe is extremely rare. So rare in fact, that it's become a quest known as The AllGames Sad Booth Babe Photo Contest.

Find a picture of a gaming model, male or female, thats not overflowing with joy and post it in the AllGames Forum (link). The photo that most displays the true sadness of having to pose yet again for a gamer fumbling with their iPhone will win a bag full of great E3 swag.

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