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2K Games Releases DLC Pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Written by RealMsH


XCOM:  Enemy Unknown

If you would like an already exciting game, to be even more so, you may be happy to hear that 2K Games has released its second downloadable content (DLC) for the XCOM: Enemy Unknown video game. The DLC pack is completely free and is entitled Second Wave.  The first DLC for XCOM:  Enemy Unknown -- Slingshot -- was released in early December 2012.


Scene from XCOM:  Enemy Unknown

Good things come to those who work hard to win -- so you will have to work to achieve some of the DLC in this pack.  But do not fret, there is DLC that you can get right away, such as these options:  (1) Damage Roulette, where weapons have a wider range, (2) New Economy which is randomized council member funding, (3) Not Created Equally, where rookies will have random starting stats, and (4) Hidden Potential in which a soldier gets his stats increased randomly based upon his promotion.


XCOM:  Enemy Unknown DLC

Additional DLC that is available to you based upon your video gameplay includes Red Fog, where wounds impact your stats; Asolutely Critical for critical enemy targets; The Greater Good which involves interrogating aliens; Marathon which has a longer play time; Results Driven, which affects your funding; High Stakes where random rewards are given for stopping alien abductions; Diminishing Returns that impacts the cost of satellite construction; More than Human, which involves rare gifts, War Weariness and E-115 where funding and Elerium decrease over time respectively; Total Loss where gear is lost, and Alternate Sources in which the cost to build facilities increases dramatically.

XCOM:  Enemy Unknown is rated M and is playable on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC.








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