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Interview with OTON Creator 12/13/12

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dpl oton derrick samuels

 The OTON is the first Autonomous Game Console and we'll be talking to the creator/inventor, Derrick Samuels live on the 12/13/12 episode of Dead Pixel Live. The OTON claims to be able to self-create games instantly within minutes. Everything from 2d platformers, 3d action games, racers, shooters, will be at your fingertips. And those games will be free of charge. It'll even run android games, have a built in projector, and it has a laser. Sound too good to be true? Well you can get your questions answered directly from the creator himself when DPL welcomes him to the show live on


You have a question, but will be too busy christmas shopping to be there live? You can add your questions/comments below or in the forum and we'll make she they get where they need to go! But really, you're going to want to be here on 12/13

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