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Chases Instead of Sleepless a Better Movie Title? - Sleepless - A Netflix Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Sleepless - A Netflix Movie Review by Ms. H

I decided to watch the Sleepless movie since it was ranked one of the top ten films on Netflix. I was under the impression that a top ten ranking on Netflix was an indication that Sleepless was a good movie and would be well worth watching. Was it?  Check out my movie review of Sleepless to find out. 


Chase Scenes in the Sleepless Movie

There are plenty of chase scenes in the Sleepless movie that may or may not keep your interest. In fact there are so many different type chases, the movie probably should have been titled Chases instead of Sleepless.There were other action scenes as well which involved the usual such as fights, shootings, and of course a kidnapping.  

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Plot of the Sleepless Movie

The plot of th Sleepless Movie involves unsavory people as well as a kidnapping.  That being siad, I believe the aim of the movie Sleepless is to try to disquise the fact that you have probably seen this genre of movie many times before. Kidnapping movies seem to be a recurring theme in films lately -- Including one that I recently reviewed called Close..  

I have to give kudos to Jamie Foxx for how realistically he played his role as the father of the kidnapped son who is was understandably focused on rescuing. Spoiler Alert: At the beginning of the movie, he played the part of an unscrupulous character so convincingly, you may at first question which side of the law he is on. There’s no question that Jamie Foxx is an oscar winning actor, however; the question is --  was his acting skills enough to save the movie Sleepless.


Jamie Foxx’s Character as a Superhero in the Sleepless Movie

Speaking of Jamie Foxx, did you know his character could have been a superhero of sorts? Of course I’m using the term" superhero" satirically. If you watch the movie Sleepless, you may wonder how he could perform so many chases, fights etc. while at the same time suffering from a bullet wound in his side. 

He reminded the viewing audience numerous times that he was indeed wounded by periodically grimacing and clutching his side while doing extremely strenuous fighting acrobats with the enemy.  But of course, this is a movie, and maybe these types of actions are expected and accepted in this type of film.

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Gabrielle Union’s Role in the Movie Sleepless

I think Gabrielle Union did an adequate job as the star of her own movie Breaking In which I reviewed a while back. In the movie, Sleepless, she plays the role of a nurse and mother of the kidnapped son. Spoiler Alert: I guess she wanted a piece of the action in the movie because she went to the scene of the crime and actually engaged in a gunfight. In my opinion, this was the one of the most illogical actions in the movie, especially when she arrived at a parking garage that was full of smoke from the smoke bombs but proceeded to use her weapon when it is likely she did not know what was going on.  

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Assessment of the Sleepless Movie

If you are a Jamie Foxx fan, you may want to check out the movie Sleepless. However, if you are looking for an attention grabbing suspense-filled action movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this movie may not be for you. 

I believe the Sleepless film ranked as a top ten Netflix movie maybe due to curiosity as well as the possible draw of Jamie Foxs as an actor and not the high quality of the film.  Also to answer the question about Jamie Foxx's star power -- unfortunattely, it was not enough to save this movie.

Rating of the Sleepless Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Sleepless 2 ½ stars.

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