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Are Predictable Movies Fun to Watch? The Good Liar Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to The Good Liar Movie Review by Ms. H

I decided to watch The Good Liar movie after being on the fence for awhile about seeing it. What drew me to the movie was that the academy award winner actor Helen Mirren stars in it. Helen Mirren has starred in some noteworthy films, so I decided to see her latest movie, The Good Liar. Was I disappointed on not in The Good Liar movie? Read my movie review to find out.

Plot of The Good Liar Movie

Without spoiling the movie, it looks like the plot dealt with people seeking revenge. As I alluded to above, The Good Liar movie stars Helen Mirren as Betty McLeish -- a widower and Ian McKellen as, Roy Courtnay, the swindler.

Pros of The Good Liar Movie

Flashbacks in The Good Liar Movie

In my opinion, the flashback scenes were handled well. I think a good job was done to show events that happened in the past without being intrusive with the current happenings.

the good liar helen miren

Cons of The Good Liar Movie

Predictability in The Good Liar Movie

The Good Liar movie, in my opinion is a highly predictable movie with little to no suspense. For example, as I watched the movie, I knew that Helen Mirren’s character had something up her sleeve. Therefore all through the movie, I took her actions as well as her dialogue and conversations with a grain of salt. The movie made it clear that Ian McKellen’s character was a con artist who swindled people out of their money early on, so there was no mystery there.

Realism Depicted in The Good Liar Movie

From a storyline standpoint, It seemed highly unlikely to me that Helen Mirren as Betty McLeish would invite someone she had just met to stay at her home. In fact, several situations seemed contrived to connect these two people which probably would not happen in real life. Of course The Good Liar is a movie and is fictional but the actions seemed forced to present a story. 

Spoiler Alert: Towards the end of the movie, the businessmen who were swindled out of their money by Ian McKellen’s character show up out of the blue to confront him. The writer and director leads you to believe that they roughed him up out of revenge. I think a more realistic outcome would be if they had simply filed charges against the con artist or at the very least got someone else to do what they were purported to do in the movie. The actions did not fit the characters in this situation.

The Good Liar header 1 1050 591 81 s c1

Direction in The Good Liar Movie

I noticed on at least three occasions where the actors had close-up scenes looking out into the distance like something was about to happen.Two of these scenes occurred with Ian McKellen’s character and it happened once with Helen Mirren’s. You will know what I’m talking about if you watch The Good Liar movie. I think these close-up scenes could have been cut from the movie.

Assessment of The Good Liar Movie

Try as I might, I’m unable to find many redeeming qualities about The Good Liar movie. There was no suspense and no must-see type scenes in the film. My advice to you is to skip this movie at the theaters, and probably even when The Good Liar movie arrives on streaming services. 

In response to the question if predictable movies are fun to watch -- some are but the majority are not. The Good Liar movie landed in the latter category.

Rating of The Good Liar Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Good Liar movie 1 ¾ stars.



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