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What Worked and Didn’t in Charlie’s Angels 2019? Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie Review by Ms. H

Charlie’s Angels 2019 is basically a predictable spy movie about agents who happen to be women. If you’ve seen the Charlie’s Angels television shows as well as the previous movies, you probably know the story will be about spies tracking down and ultimately defeating the bad guys. Did this latest version of Charlie’s Angels stick to the script or was something new added and if it was -- did it work for the film?  Check out my movie review to find out.


Plot of the Charlie’s Angels 2019  Movie

Unfortunately, the Charlie’s Angels 2019 story is hackneyed and has been told many times before. I attended an AT&T Shape convention in June, 2019 where I heard first-hand during a stage interview the director--Elizabeth Banks’ early announcement of the Charlie's Angels movie to be released in November, 2019.  During her discussion, she alluded to the fact that there are no new original stories going back to the days of Shakespeare and before, so if you send in a script and are afraid someone will steal it -- more than likely, the story has already been told. You will notice the truth in this statement if you watch the Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie. In other words, this story has been told before.

Cast of Actors in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

A huge plus for me was to see diversity in the actors selected for roles in the Charlie's Angels 2019 movie. I was impressed that one of the lead Angels was played by Ella Balinska, who was unknown to me. Also in the movie is Naomi Scott who recently appeared in the Alladdin movie. Kirsten Stewart as one of the Angels made an impression on me due to her acting skills. I’ve seen her on a few talk shows where the host seemed to literally pull answers from her, but on the movie screen, I think she did a good job in her role.

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What Worked in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

--Diverse Characters in the Charlie's Angels 2019 Movie

As mentioned previously, I think the diversity of actors definitely worked in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie. The casting staff did well in choosing these actors for the Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie. 

--Action in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

For the most part, the action was well orchestrated in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie. Spoiler Alert: One of my favorite action scenes in the movie dealt with Kristen Stewart's character being in danger while battling an enemy in a vault of coals and Ella Balinska’s character heroically coming in at the nth hour to save her.   

Additionally, there were the usual car chases which were executed in an entertaining way as well. Another favorite scene in the film for me was the big party dance scene that is almost at the end of the Charlie’s Angel 2019 movie.

--Music in the Charlie's Angels 2019 Movie

The songs and background music chosen for Charlie's Angels fit the movie to a “T.” Just when the movie seemed to drag, an up-beat song would come on to jolt you back into the movie story.

What Didn’t Work for the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

--Substandard Dialogue in the Charlie's Angels 2019 Movie

In addition to the elementary, substandard  dialogue, there were conversations that did not make sense to me in the movie. Spoiler Alert: For example, there was confusing dialogue between Patrick Stewart’s character and the buyer of the device just before the big party. Without going into details -- the buyer ordered Patrick Stewart’s character, Bosley, to “take care of her,''in a negative way referring to Noami Scott’s character. For some unknown reason, he was surprised and dismayed when Bosley proceeds to try to destroy her. 

--Exposing the Mole in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

Spoiler alert: The director showed a scene that would cause most people to think that a particular character  is the mole. However, at the end of the movie -- the true mole is exposed. This method is fine in a movie if done well and with creativity, but actions should not take place just for the sake of trying to mislead the audience. Twists and turns in a movie are also ok, but not actions that seemed to be haphazardly stuck in the movie just to misguide the audience as was done in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie.

--Ageism in the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

I detected just a hint of this, even in the cast of characters where the oldest of the group was relegated to non-action type roles. In addition to this, the topic of age was mentioned in the poorly written dialogue of the movie where there was, to me, an awkward conversation about age itself which I did not find relevant to the story.

Assessment of the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

If I had watched this movie at home, I’m sure my rating would be lower due to the effect of watching movies on a smaller screen than the one at the movies. That being said, I applaud Elizabeth Banks for making a movie where women are at the forefront of the action, even if Charlie seems to be giving the orders. (By the way, there is still a question of who Charlie really is). 

Do I recommend that you watch the Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie? I'll leave that decision up to you; however, and on a positive note -- it wouldn't hurt you to watch it, especially because of the movie scenes that I mentioned previously.

Rating of the Charlie’s Angels 2019 Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Charlie’s Angels 2019 movie 3 stars.

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