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Video Footage or a Bona Fide Movie? Zombieland: Double Tap Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Zombieland: Double Tap Movie Review by Ms. H

I think we all know that a fair amount of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is used in movies.  Think of those slow motion shots or any movie dealing with monsters, dinosaurs and others, and you expect to see this. However, when I watched Zombieland: Double Tap, I did not expect the large display of notices to display on the movie screen. 

In Zombieland: Double Tap movie, you will see different rules and other messages displayed in various type graphics on the screen along with whatever else is going on in the movie. What did I think of this, and would I recommend you watch Zombieland: Double Tap? Check out my movie review to find out.

The Graphic Notices on the Screen in the Zombieland: Double Tap Movie

If you watch Zombieland, throughout the movie you will see certain rules, etc. not only voiced, but large graphic displays on the screen.  In my opinion, this took away from what was happening in the film and made the movie seem more like a powerpoint or video footage presentation instead of a movie.  To be fair, the displays were not continuous, so you saw real life acting without the displays. However, the appearances of these pop-up notices took away from giving the film a movie atmosphere.

zombieland 6 700x293

Nothing Scary about the Zombieland: Double Tap Movie

Last time I checked, zombies are scary creatures and are to be feared. I did not see any of this displayed by the actors in this movie. Maybe it was because of the period of time, or because they expected to see these creatures -- but the film was underwhelming to me in the way of the scare focus.

Little known fact about Zombieland: Double Tap:  The cast was already selected for this sequel movie prior to the film being written. In fact, the project was on hold until the writers were free to write for the movie.

Characters Depictions in the Zombieland: Double Tap Movie

The more I watched Zombieland,  the more I viewed it as a disjointed comedy instead of a well put together movie. That being said, one of the characters in the movie seemed straight out of the Legally Blonde movie franchise where a female seemed to have no idea of what was going on, and spoke and acted as such.  Maybe this was seen as a comic relief but I think this character and an annoyance was my least favorite of the cast.

Predictability of the Zombieland: Double Tap Movie

Zombieland: Double Tap had highly predictable sequences in the movie. Spoiler alert:  Whenever there was some sort of danger, you knew the main characters were going to get out ok. There was an incident where the writers led you to believe that one of the characters was destroyed, but in the end, you find out that nothing really happens to her.  

Zombieland Double Tap 2009

Grossness Displayed in the Zombieland: Double Tap Movie

Along with the unending profanity voiced by Woody Harrelson and a few others, there were many grotesque scenes where I had to turn my head away from the screen.  In fact, I had to do this quite a few times given the number of times someone was shown vomiting, etc. in the movie. Additionally, there is a really graphic scene showing the destruction of a Zombie’s head and face that you may want to look away from if you see this movie.

Diversity in Zombieland: Double Tap

This movie gets a passing score regarding having Rosario Dawson in the film; however, her appearance alone was not enough to save the movie.  

Assessment of Zombieland: Double Tap

With Halloween being only a few days away, I planned to see this movie long before it was released.  Was it a disappointment to me? I would have to answer a resounding “Yes.” Even with big stars in the movie such as Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Luke WIlson, and others -- the movie, to me, was a dud. There is a scene with Bill Murray after the credits roll, but I don’t think it’s worth your time hanging around to watch it.

Rating of Zombieland: Double Tap

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Zombieland: Double Tap 1/ ¾ stars.

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