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Cloning Returns in Will Smith’s Gemini Man...Did It Work? Gemini Man Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Gemini Man Movie Review by Ms. H

A while back “clone” was the buzzword, even though recently it has not been in the spotlight as much.  Enter Gemini Man, a Will Smith movie that not only reintroduced the concept of cloning but in my purview, took it to another level.  Did it work for the movie Gemini Man? Check out my movie review of Gemini Man to find out.

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Plot of Gemini Man Movie

If you watched the trailer for the Gemini Man movie, you probably know there are at least two Will Smith characters in it --  one current -- and one from his younger days. Will Smith plays the older character, Henry Brogan and voice acted the younger character, Jackson Brogan also known as Junior.  

You may be surprised that the movie itself does not center primarily around having these “two Will Smith’s” as a plot per se, but is centered around his job as well as the likelihood or non-likelihood of his retirement.  Also squeezed into the movie equation is a female “friendship” interest person which I will allude to later in my movie review.

Pros of Gemini Man Movie

Action in Gemini Man Movie

There is a fair amount of action in the Gemini Man movie, especially the scenes with the young Will Smith’s character battling the older one.  You may have to be patient when the movie first starts before the action kicks in; however, the non-action parts set the stage for the movie plot.

Will Smith as Lead Actor in Gemini Man Movie 

Will Smith appears in just about every frame of the movie Gemini Man. So if you are a fan of Will Smith, you will see him numerous times throughout the film.  I think this is a plus for the movie, because for the most part, Will Smith appears to be a popular star not only in films but in social media including YouTube as well.

Setting of Gemini Man Movie

I liked the fact that the movie veered from being basically a land based-film, to one where boating and the ocean were involved.  This was a nice change, even though of course, the movie scenes returned to land depending on what was going on in the film.

Spoiler Alert: Friendly Banter at the End of the Gemini Man Movie

You may enjoy listening to the conversation between the young and the older Will Smith’s characters just before the credits rolled at the end of the movie.  The flow of the dialogue was realistic and appeared not to be scripted, even though more than likely, of course it was.

Little Known Fact about the Gemini Man Movie:  Will Smith stated during a talk show interview that  Gemini Man is the first movie to use a 100% digital character (young Will Smith’s character) alongside an actor.

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Cons of Gemini Man Movie

Repetitive Fight Scenes in Gemini Man Movie

In my opinion, some of the fight moves seemed repetitive in motion.  I especially noticed this was happening with the younger Will Smith’s character, where he seemed to repeat quite a bit of his fight moves including flps, etc.  

Random Female Characters in Gemini Man Movie

To me, it was confusing as to why the female character, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Dani Zakarweski was placed in the movie.  Her role seemed ambiguous -- as a friend, a co-conspirator, etc.  Unfortunately, I felt she was placed in the movie just to have a female presence alongside Will Smith’s character.  

The other female character’s role (Linda Emond as Janet Lassiter) was clear; however, it is unexplained how she is non-existent in the latter part of the movie -- especially if she was supposedly running this operation.

Lots of “Sleeper Parts” in Gemini Man Movie

There are many slow moments in the Gemini Man movie that in my opinion dragged the film along and did not advance the storyline.  I will admit that I dozed off briefly during some of the slow parts and was able to determine what I missed when I awoke and felt caught up to the movie --  which indicates the movie could have eliminated some of these parts.


Assessment of Gemini Man Movie

Gemini Man is a solid 3 star movie; however, I  added a “¾” star mainly because I think it is admirable that Will Smith carried this film from start to finish. Even though his acting skills are not up to par  with Denzel Washington and some others, I think it says a lot about an actor who can effortlessly move from doing a Netflix movie and return back to the movie screen in a big way.

In response to the question if cloning worked for the Gemini Man movie,  my answer would be a resounding “Yes.”

Rating of Gemini Man

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Gemini Man 3 ¾ stars.

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