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What Ruined the Return of Rambo? Rambo Last Blood Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of The Rambo Last Blood movie is rated R meaning to see it -- you must be 17 years of age or older unless accompanied by parents or adult guardians.

introduction to Rambo Last Blood Movie Review by Ms. H

I inadvertently came across reviews criticizing the Rambo Last Blood movie before I actually saw the film. That being said, I wanted to see the movie for myself and come to my own conclusion as to whether or not it was a “good” movie. 

Did the Rambo Last Blood movie deliver? Did Sylvester Stallone stretch the limits of violence in some of the scenes, maybe to draw audiences who prefer this type action?  Should you see it? Check out my movie review to find out.

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Plot of Rambo Last Blood Movie

The kidnapping plot has become almost routine, even though it is not any less tragic.  The Rambo Last Blood movie centers around his niece who became a victim of a crime of this nature.  Consequently, Rambo goes to extreme measures which were quite violent in nature to seek revenge.  

Ultra-Violence Depicted in Rambo Last Blood Movie

The good news is that the gruesome violence does not start until about one-third ways into the movie.  The bad news is that the violence escalates from there until just before the end of the movie. If Sylvester Stallone’s goal was to get people to talk about the return of Rambo, I think he succeeded -- but the talk may not be what he expected. 

Inconsistencies in Rambo Last Blood Movie

If you look past all the violence, several incidents seemed out of place in the movie to me.  For instance, after talking to her uncle about going to Mexico and being told not to -- you see his niece getting in her car and driving off.  Of course, she heads to Mexico instead of where he thought she was doing. The question is why did he allow her to drive off. Also after seeing Sylvester Stallone’s character violently and graphically destroy the niece’s captor’s throat, the captor was still able to talk.  (Yes, that scene is shown graphically in the movie).

Spoiler Alert: Instead of driving his very ill niece out of Mexico, why wasn’t an ambulance called where she could have received faster emergency treatment and probably could have survived?

 Spoiler Alert: Other odd happenings is the idea of a strange woman following him after he goes to rescue his niece, and of course conveniently being there to help him after he became a victim.  The greatest inconsistency was the idea of the gang finding Rambo at his home and conveniently being ambushed and targeted in numerous violent ways. An even greater inconsistency is what was their motivation to go to Rambo's home? In summary, lots of illogical events happened in the Rambo Last Blood movie in addition to the out of control violence.

Length of the Rambo Last Blood Movie

The good news is that the Rambo Last BLood movie is of average length -- lasting only 1 hour and 39 minutes.  So if you decide to watch the Rambo Last Blood movie, it will not take up much of your time.

Spoiler Alert:  More good news is the movie ends with quite a few scenes from some of the previous Rambo movies.  In fact and in hindsight, these scenes, in my opinion were the highlights of the Rambo Last Blood movie.  Unfortunately, you have to sit through the other scenes at the movie theater prior to them appearing. 

Assessment of Rambo Last Blood Movie

If you want to see the extent to which the Rambo Last Blood movie went to show violent scenes, you may want to check out this film.  However if you are looking for a movie with an intriguing, attention-grabbing storyline, I cannot recommend that you see the Rambo Last Blood movie.  Of course, you may want to see the movie out of curiosity; however, I want to warn you of possible disappointment -- depending of whether you like watching these type movies.

To answer the question -- What ruined the return of Rambo? In a nutshell, ultra-violent graphic scenes, inconsistencies and illogical actions as well as lack of a good storyline ruined the return of Rambo in the Rambo Last Blood movie.

Rating of  Rambo Last Blood Movie

Based on a rating of l star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Rambo Last Blood movie 1 ½ stars.

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