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What About the Musical Selections in The Lion King (2019)? The Lion King (2019) Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to The Lion King (2019) Movie Review by Ms. H

Believe it or not,this is the first time I watched a Lion King movie, even though there have been several Lion King movies released in the past.  I think this was to my benefit because I did not know exactly what the storyline would be or how it may or mey not have changed from the previous movies. 

That being said, I was anticipating lots of musical, broadway-type selections in The Lion King (2019) movie.  Did the musical numbers meet my expectations?  Even more importantly, was the movie itself worth watching or should I and maybe you wait for The Lion King (2019) to go to DVD or streaming services?  Check out my movie review of The Lion King (2019) to find out!

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Cinematography in The Lion King (2019) Movie

If there is an award for the most impressive cinematography for a movie, I believe The Lion King (2019) would be in the running to win it. There are many aesthetic scenes in the movie including landscapes, deserts as well as mountainous terrains.  In fact,  if you happen to lose track of the story-line, you can always just sit back and enjoy the scenic views in the movie.

Musical Selections in The Lion King (2019) Movie

As I alluded to earlier, I expected a few  musical selections in the movie The Lion King (2019). For what it's worth, the number of musical selections were adequate for the film length. I think one of the uplifting songs sung by Beyonce could have lasted longer for the audience enjoyment. However, this was not the case. One of the inspiring songs in the movie  (Spirit) by Beyonce appeared to be cut short, By the way, Beyonce voiced the part of Nala, Simba’s romantic interest and Simba was voiced by Donald Glover.

Little known fact about the Lion King (2019) movie:  Some people complained about the unappealing look of the warthog (Pumbaa) played by Seth Rogen as compared to the cartoon version.

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Mufasa and Simba At the top of the Mountain in The Lion King (2019) Movie

This mountain scene appeared to be overly recurring in The Lion King (2019) movie. You may be familiar with the scene of the lion and/or the cub standing on top of a mountain. If not, you will get to see this scene plenty of times during the movie.  Depending on your preferences, this may or may not be a good thing.

Lighting in The Lion King (2019) Movie

I think there should have been brighter lighting for longer periods of time in this movie.  The movie starts off with bright colorful backgrounds, but about midway through the movie, the scenery took on a dark hue that stay mostly this way throughout.  Yes, the conflict in the movie was dark, and maybe the lighting was changed to match it; however, I think  brighter backgrounds, CGI, etc. would have made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

Assessment of The Lion King (2019) Movie

If you are a fan of the Lion King movies, you may like this one also.  That being said, the plot can be sort of sad in some parts and inspiring in other sections.  The movie has two comedy relief characters in it -- (Zazu is voiced by John Oliver & Timmon played by Billy Eichner). Regarding the various scenes in the movie -- there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on the conflict in the movie instead of the plight of Simba becoming king. However, I guess the writers may done this to stay true to the story.

What about the musical selections in The Lion King (2019) movie ? -- I think they were adequate for the movie but needed a more emotional rendition of Spirit AS sung by Beyonce-- similar to the full video of the song that she recently released.

In my opinion, a huge plus for the movie was the diverse cast of voice actors. Additionally, I could tell quite a bit of creativity including a lot of CGI went into making this movie. Overall, I would venture to say that The Lion King (2019) movie may be worth your time and money. 

Rating of The Lion King (2019) Movie

Based on a rating  of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Lion King Movie (2019) four (4) stars. 

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