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Greta Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Greta Movie Review by Ms. H

To be clear, Greta is not a biography of the movie star from the golden age of Hollywood -- Greta Garbo, even though the same first name is used.  Instead, Greta is the name of a psychological thriller, based on a novel by Ray Wright that is centered around the main character, Greta Hibig. Was this movie a sleeper or one that I recommend you see in the movie theaters?  Check out my movie review of Greta to find out.

Trailer for the Greta Movie

If you saw the trailer for the Greta movie, you may already know that it is about a woman who leaves her purse on a bus or subway in the hopes that a stranger would find her address and return it to her.  I saw the trailer and could tell right away that something odd was going on when the good samaritan waitress who returned the purse opened a cabinet in the woman's home and found numerous purses in the same style hidden in a cabinet  -- with telephone numbers taped to the back of each.

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Creativity in the Greta Movie

I think this movie was creatively written by revealing slowly exactly what was happening with Greta and her victims.  Spoiler Alert:  For example when the good samaritan returns the purse and they began a conversation, you could hear thumping in an upstairs room in the house.  Greta quieted the person down who was supposedly making this sound; however, as the movie progresses, you find out exactly the circumstances behind the noise.

Spoiler Alert: Another creative scene was when the audience was led to believe that the victim was not captured  -- but was safely back in her apartment -- which was not the case. There was one other scene; however, I will not divulge it just in case you choose to watch the Greta movie.

A Way Out for the Victim in the Greta Movie

As the movie goes on and you realize that the victim has been drugged, you may wonder why she did not try to escape, especially since at  the beginning of her capture she was not tied up. Just when I thought about this, the victim did try to escape but found there was no way out from Greta -- at that particular time, I might add.

Look Alikes in the Greta Movie

When the movie ended, I was surprised the main character was not Helen Mirren but an actor by the name of Isabelle Huppert.  Also the victim who befriended Greta is not Vanessa Hudgens but the actor Chloe Grace Cortez.

Check out the resemblances here.

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Jump Scares and Misses in the Greta Movie

This movie did not have a lot of jump scares -- which was a plus for me.  Instead there were some twists and turns in the movie -- some which you may or may not expect.

There were some misses in the movie as well.  Spoiler Alert:  For example, at the end of the movie, you would expect the daughter to be reunited with her worried father -- which was not shown.  Also there was no explanation why Greta did not reuse the same purse to leave on the bus or subway, instead of using a different purse each time to try to lure her victims.  Also the overall premise of the movie had a sad tone.

Assessment of the Greta Movie

However, even though there were some shortcomings of the film, this movie may keep you on the edge of your seat as it did me. I found the Greta movie to be suspenseful, not overly predictable and the story was told in a way that I think kept the audience’s interest. If you are not prone to having nightmares from seeing these type movies, including seeing someone in a falling elevator, or an extremely closed in area, etc. -- you may want to check this movie out.

Rating of the Greta Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate the Greta Movie 5 stars.


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