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Hanna Amazon Prime Movie Review by Ms. H - Episode 1

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Hanna Amazon Prime Movie Review by Ms. H - Episode 1

I found out about  Amazon's Prime movie titled "Hanna" while I was watching the Super Bowl. A commercial for Hanna came on along with the notice that you can watch this movie free for the next 24 hours.  Since there was a time limit, I decided not to diddle daddle and chose to watch this movie before the 24 hours were up. However, there really was no time limit -- just a gimmick for Amazon to try to get viewers.  Now the notice states “For a limited time” along with the 24 hours timeframe. So even though the "24 hours" have come and gone -- you can still watch the movie if you have Amazon Prime video.  Go figure.

My First Impression of the Hanna Amazon Prime Movie - Episode 1

Based on the action packed trailer that was shown with the female star Esme Creed-Miles (or her stunt double) performing a lot of physical acrobats instead of standing idle on the sidelines -- I was looking forward to watching this movie.  However, it was after the movie began and the story unfolded that I realized that Hanna was not the adult action female star that I expected. Instead, as the story progresses, it was revealed that she was in her early teens -- 15 years old to be exact. If you watched the trailer, you will probably think like I did that she is much older.

Plot of the Hanna Amazon Prime Movie - Episode 1

The plot is a hackneyed one which has been used numerous times in many movies. The story centers around a couple who stole an infant that was not their own.  Of course there was a car chase that ended in a crash with the driver surviving along with the infant girl.

The story jumps ahead 15 years and it looks like the forest became the home of the father and the girl. Apparently the father ventured from the forest, maybe to a town nearby to purchase supplies, because there is a scene where he is shown chopping wood while using what looks to be a brand new axe. Also I noticed he served his stolen daughter food from a shiny spoon, so he apparently went shopping at some time during their stay in the wilderness and was not relegated to the forest -- as the movie writer expects the audience to believe.


Isolation of Hanna's LIving Conditions in the Hanna Amazon Prime Movie - Episode 1

The writer of this story would like you also to believe that this 15 year old girl lived in the wilderness and was unaware of her outside surroundings -- beyond the forest.  Anyway, as the story continues, she meets, of course another teenager who may be a couple of years older than she is after she seemingly escaped the makeshift cabin where she stayed with her father.  Additionally,  it looks like her father did not teach her the ways of the modern world because when she met this other person with a cell phone --  She seemed to be naive about simple actions such as texting. 

Action Scenes Performed in the Hanna Amazon Prime Movie - Episode 1

This was the very first episode of Hanna, so I’m sure as more episodes are aired, you will see Hanna performing other actions that her father taught her.  There were a few action scenes involving her training -- but not anything that I felt compelled to write about.

Assessment of the Hanna Amazon Prime Movie - Episode 1

This is a movie that may have to grow on you -- pun intended about the teenage star who plays the role of Hanna.  I think she is depicted so young because looking ahead and as the years go by, they can choose to keep Esme Creed-Miles in this role for a long time ensuring job security for everyone involved in the movie -- that is -- if the movie is not canceled.  Just so you know, in real life Esme Creed-Miles is actually 19 years old but is playing a 15 year old.

I’m on the fence about watching additional episodes of Hanna, especially given the age of the main character in the movie.  That being said, I’m sure there are viewers who will ignore her age and watch Hanna regardless.  Another negative for me was her decisions to choose when she is obedient to her "father" and when she decides not to be.  

Spoiler Alert: The movie ended with Hanna being captured without her father -- so it may be interesting to see what happens next in the other episodes.  Whether or not you watch this first episode of Hanna as well as any of the other episodes is totally up to you. I would probably tune in if the other episodes were free -- but since they are not, I think I will skip the upcoming episodes of Hanna -- at least for now.

Rating of the Hanna Amazon Prime Movie - Episode 1

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Hanna Amazon Prime Movie -Episode 1 Two (2) stars.

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