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Miss Bala Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Miss Bala Movie Review by Ms. H

After a long dry spell of not so great movies -- finally, the Miss Bala movie comes along.  I intentionally did not do a lot of research about this movie, because I wanted to find out how the film industry would depict the star, Gina Rodriguez, especially, since the entire movie seems to be centered around her. My initial thought was that she would play the role of a government operative involved in a lot of action based scenarios.  In a way, I was correct, but the movie took a whole different turn from what I expected -- which was a good thing.

Plot of Miss Bala Movie

Since I would like you to see this movie  while it is out in theaters -- or even when it moves to DVD and streaming services, I will not reveal any spoilers in my movie review.  Suffice it to say that there are some twists and turns in the story. There are also parts where you may ask yourself if women have made any strides when it comes to being recognized as equals; however, that is another topic for another day.  

Miss BalaMiss Bala

Actor Gina Rodriguez in Miss Bala Movie

I am not  familiar with Gina Rodriguez as an actor.  I found out that she has been acting for awhile -- having starred in some TV shows and movies. That being said, if you see the Miss Bala movie, I do not think you will be disappointed in her acting skills.  When she was supposed to act frightened -- she did. When she was supposed to act revengeful -- she did. In other words, I saw Gina Rodriguez as an accomplished actor ready to show off her acting skills in whatever scenes she appeared in.  

Believability of the Mss Bala Movie

I would describe the believability of this movie as “raw” and “unpolished.” Some of the actions happen in an area that is probably known for its high crime rate.  From watching this movie, you may think twice before either living or visiting there. Of course, since Miss Bala is a movie, certain scenes were exaggerated -- but I would still recommend caution.

Regarding how the cringe-worthy scenes were shown -  I liked that the director knew when to leave these type scenes to your imagination.  Some directors seems to push the envelope in this area by showing all the gruesome details  -- not in the movie Miss Bala.

Movie Magic in Miss Bala Movie

If you are looking for movie magic in Miss Bala, you will not find it. This is not a negative though.  It appeared as if every scene moved the story along without the need for flashbacks (which are ok for some movies) or slow motion captures  (which are not ok for any movie). There is a scene that would have lended itself perfectly to the slow motion walking that you sometimes see in films -- which was not done.  There was no need for this since the plot, storyline and actions were enough to keep the audience attention without the need for intrusive movie magic scenes.

Assessment of Miss Bala Movie

The Miss Bala movie has action, drama and quite a bit of suspense.  If you choose to see Miss Bala, I think the movie will hold your interest throughout.  I was not a fan of the violence, or the way some of the females were treated -- but I reminded myself that this is only a movie.  There was also a situation where the director led you to believe that Gina Rodriguez’s character should have been suspicious of something -- but she did not take action. Also, the major action scenes seem to be repetitive to me.  If not for these missteps, Miss Bala would have earned a 5 star rating from me.

Rating of Miss Bala

Based  on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Miss Bala 4 stars.

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