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The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie Review by Ms. H

If you saw the preview for The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie, you may think the film is about a woman whose mission is to seemingly protect other women in need.  You may be puzzled when you hear a voice during the preview ask and I paraphrase here, “Why didn’t you protect me?” If you saw the complete movie, you probably will understand why this question was asked -- given the context of what this movie is about.  By the way, The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie is rated R and should not be seen by anyone under 17 years of age.

Film Genre of The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie

When you watch a movie, you probably can categorize it as either action, drama, adventure, comedy, etc. However, The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie is different in that it encompasses more than one type -- action and drama.  The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie has action but it is definitely a drama given the dark events that happen in this movie. In fact, I do not recall one time that the star of the movie, Claire Foy, actually smiled -- which is probably understandable given the unfortunate sequence of events that happened.

Pros of The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie

--Question Answered

Alluding to my introduction where I state you may wonder why she did not help one particular woman -- Claire Foy's character actually answers this question by talking directly to the person in the movie who asked it.  I will not spoil it for you -- You will find out who asked this question if you watch the movie.

--Lots of Action

I liked the abundance of action scenes in The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie.  Not only do you see car and motorcycle chases, but you also watch explosions as well. There were a few slow times during the movie; however, the majority of the time, the star of the movie Claire Foy was a participant in some sort of action -- which many times involved saving herself and others from dangers.

--Technological Focus for Missions

The plot of this movie included trying to break a code in order to prevent what could prove to be a great catastrophe if activated. There was a dark subplot as well which formed the basis of why she embarked on some of these missions. Of course, some of the technological feats may have been exaggerated for dramatic effect.

Some of the actions performed during this movie may remind you of some 90’s movies where knowledge of machinery played a role.  Even though I think some of her actions were far fetched, for example operating a mechanical bridge, I thought it was creative for this to be shown in the movie.

--Plausible Ending

You may have watched movies that ended abruptly, leaving you wondering what happened next.  I do not think this was the case for The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie. The movie ended at a point where it made sense -- even though scenarios during the last part of the movie may not be particular high points of the film.

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Cons of The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie

--Title of the Movie

During the movie, a spiny looking spider is shown periodically walking on furniture, walls etc. However, I did not see any correlation between the spider and the events of the movie. The only association I could draw was a possible connection to the saying “The tangled web we weave” given all of the precarious situations Claire Foy's character encountered.  I think a more fitting name would have been a title that included a dragon since the tattooed dragon on her back seemed to be shown constantly during the movie.

--Lack of Acting Ability of the Main Character

I was not impressed by the acting skills of Claire Foy which  seemed to be one dimensional. I did not see any display of emotions -- given the sad circumstances behind the events in this movie.  I only saw a look of “fear” which the actress may have thought showed deep concern. Other times she seemed to be "stone-faced." There is one scene where she said “No." -- but did not do so with a high level of emotion that she should have shown -- given the actions that took place at this point in the movie. She should have screamed this word loudly with deep emotion to show that she was aghast at what she witnessed.

--Too Many CoIncidences

Miraculously, Claire Foy’s character was able to escape several situations that probably would have destroyed anyone else.  I won’t disclose the details -- but she was able to escape unharmed from such incidents such as fire; automobile-motorcycle chases; falls, latex suit, fights, and home invasion. Of course, this was to be expected since she is the star of the movie.

--Mission End

If you watch The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie until the end -- you may wonder why did you sit through an entire movie -- just for this to happen.  This movie may remind you of films where something drastic was going to happen if a particular action was not done. The good news is something was done; however, you find out that the specific action that was avoided was not going to happen in the first place.  Spoiler Alert: You will probably understand what I’m talking about if you watch the ending of The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie. Hint: Play particular attention to the computer message that shows up on the laptop towards the end of the movie.

Assessment of The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie

If you like action/drama movies, you may want to check out The Girl in the Spider’s Web.  As I alluded to previously, the movie has a dark backstory. There is also a rather gruesome scene in the beginning that may cause you to look away from the movie screen. I am on the fence about recommending this movie to you -- but if you are over 17 years of age and want to see this type movie, of course that is your choice. 

Rating of The Girl in the Spider’s Web Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with five stars being the highest, I rate The Girl in the Spider’s Web movie 3 stars.

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