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Superior Spider-Man Suit Revealed!! ....NOT!!

Written by moses magnum

     So today there was a leaked  set of photos from the Spiderman: far from home movie set. the reveal a “new” costume design which is the same old costume it’s just red and black instead of red and blue. And you know social media, they’re going f***ing nuts over it. I have news for You uninitiated in Spiderman people; just because it resembles superior Spiderman in color doesn’t mean I thats it. now ultimately I don’t care about what The new costume looks like. all I care about is that it doesn’t have the shitty AI in it.  I don’t want that artificial intelligence. I want my regular ass, genius ass Spiderman. Another thing they showed in the leaked photos is Zendaya being a damsel in distress/Mary Jane character and I know people were mad about her being cast as Mary Jane. We had some racist people make some comments about her and what have you not. Now I don’t know if they’re going to make her Mary Jane officially,  I’m not opposed to her being Mary Jane because of race or anything, I just want them to make her look attractive Mary Jane is supposed to be a model, but in the first movie she looked like she never showered. That’s all I care about. you go get a purple woman, red woman, yellow woman Blue woman ,  I don’t care I just want her to look hot. All in all I just want you to look at the pictures below and let us know what you think. We’ll be mean and angry as we talk about this next Wednesday  live 6:30 pm PST right here on allgames.com/live


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