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A Star Is Born Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH


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Introduction to A Star is Born Movie Review by Ms. H

Sometimes it’s a good thing to take chances, whether those chances are big or small. This is what I did when I decided to see A Star is Born movie starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  I was initially on the fence and almost decided to bypass this movie. However, Lady Gaga is known to have lots of fans, so I decided to see the movie, A Star is Born, basically to let her fans know whether or not it is a movie worth seeing.  As I alluded to earlier, I was pleasantly surprised that A Star is Born turned out to be worth the price of a movie ticket and even more importantly -- did not disappoint.

Storyline of A Star Is Born Movie

A Star is Born is a remake of the movie starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. This previous movie was a hit, and I’m glad to say that after it’s all said and done, this remake will probably also fall into that category.


Actors in A Star is Born Movie

I believe the casting staff of A Star is Born did a good job rounding up some well-known celebrities for this movie, including the likes of Dave Chappelle, Sam Elliott and others -- along with of course -- Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  I think the actors helped to make this movie entertaining to watch, but the songs, music arrangements and most importantly the storyline makes this movie worth your time and money.

I think Lady Gaga, known mostly as a singer, did an adequate job of portraying her character, Ally. Likewise for Bradley Cooper who made his directorial debut in the movie A Star is Born.  As a director, I believe he did an outstanding job of taking the audience on the journey of the constant ups and downs of the main characters. Even though both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were commendable as actors, the actor that caught my attention in the movie was Anthony Ramos, playing the part of Lady Gaga’s friend. I think he made the most of each of his scenes and made his time in front of the camera count.

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Songs in A Star is Born Movie

Is it just me, or do most songs sound better when they are heard using the surround sound system in movie theaters instead of elsewhere?  In addition to the songs, I liked that A Star is Born provided behind the scene looks of what oftentimes happens when someone makes it big in the music industry. The story also showed that, unfortunately,  some celebrity lifestyles may for the most part be all smoke and mirrors.

That being said, I think the songs were interwoven in the movie well.  A big plus for me was that even though there were plenty of songs in A Star is Born, the movie itself was not a musical and did not stray from being first and foremost a drama. Additionally, I thought it was creative how the last song in the movie sung by Lady Gaga was prevalent in the storyline involving the relationship between her character and Bradley Cooper's.

Humor in A Star is Born Movie

Additionally, there were elements of humor in the movie that did not diminish the dramatic story being shown. No spoilers here -- but I would like to give you a heads up that if you see A Star is Born, you may laugh out loud at the interpretation some friends of Lady Gaga’s movie father had for the word “algorithm.” There were other humorous parts in the movie as well.

Assessment of A Star is Born Movie

A Star is Born told a well-crafted story, that had all the elements of drama, conflict, suspense, self-discovery and other attributes to make it a movie worth watching.  

I probably will not see A Star is Born again anytime soon but I think the movie is worth seeing at least once before it leaves the movie theaters. On the downside, there are, in my opinion, too many profane words spoken in the A Star is Born movie -- almost to the point of a line in the script not being said without a certain word sprinkled in the conversation.  

However, I will not hold this language against the movie itself -- since I ignored it, and concentrated on the other, more pertinent dialogue that was shared. Additionally, there was an emotional, "tearful"moment from Bradley Cooper --albeit, without any actual tears. Go figure.  Again, this was a miss -- acting-wise -- but not one that will have any impact on my movie rating for A Star is Born.

Rating of A Star is Born Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate A Star is Born 5 Stars.

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