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The Meg Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to The Meg Movie Review by Ms. H

When I watched The Meg movie, I was ready to sit back, relax and enjoy what I thought would be an exciting movie.  Unfortunately, even though the movie had a few good parts, I thought this movie left a lot to be desired.

Storyline of The Meg Movie

If you saw the movie Jaws -- you probably already have a general idea of what The Meg is all about.  The difference is the shark in The Meg movie is supposedly prehistoric, lives far beneath the ocean and eventually emerges from the deep.

In some monster-creature type movies, the graphics-art team,etc. incites fright when you first see a monster-creature on the screen. This was not the case for The Meg. Spoiler Alert: The shark was not frightening to me; however, i do recall there was one jump scare during the movie.  When you think the meg is defeated-- out of nowhere, another one jumps near the boat.  Even with this jump scare, i think the sudden dramatic music, more so than the creature itself may cause you to jump a little.

Calibre of Actors in The Meg Movie

I was surprised to see Jason Statham appear as the star of this movie -- mainly because I’m accustomed to seeing him in other type action movies. By the way, he played the role of Jonas Taylor. That being said, I think he did an ok job in performing his part. In fact most of the actors did passable jobs in their roles in the movie. An interesting note -- If you watch this movie, you may notice a slight resemblance of the actor Li Bingbing with another non-actor.fullsizeoutput 1b37

Action and Suspense in The Meg Movie

Aside from the one jump scare described above, there was no actual suspense in this movie.  You knew the main actors would come out unscathed. On the other hand, there were some characters in the movie who did not make it to the end -- for no unconcernable reason -- except that the movie writer/director probably felt like there had to be casualties.

You will see  a lot of scientific mechanical/technical devices in the movie. Therefore, sometimes it seemed as if you were watching a science demonstration instead of an entertaining movie.  Additionally, it did not help that the movie seemed overly long -- almost 2 hours. This movie could have been shortened by not having Li BingBing duplicate missions that were done by Jason Statham which I viewed as a waste of time.  If he was going to attempt a mission and succeed, why have Li BingBing go on the same mission -- only to turn back. Additionally, just when you thought that the movie was coming to a close, something else happened to drag the movie along.

As you watch the movie, you may wonder why this deep-sea trip-mission is a private one, especially when a huge creature is involved.  Apparently there is a billionaire financing this underwater voyage. It seemed interesting to me that when this character needed help to destroy the huge shark, he  contacted the authorities. Previously, some of the other cast members individually tried to fight off the monster shark.meg lead

Assessment of The Meg Movie

Usually in underwater movie shots, you may see aesthetic marine life or scenery; however, in this movie, you will see some gruesome scenes, especially when they try to bait the shark. To add interest to the movie, I think more imagination and work could have gone into making the meg look more frightening especially since Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI) is used. Also, the storyline was cliche which involved someone retiring -- who initially refused to come out of retirement -- but eventually did. This scenario has played out many times before in numerous other movies.

Rating of The Meg Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Meg movie 2 stars.


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