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Hotel Artemis Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Ms. H Hotel Artemis Movie Review

Sometimes movies with the least amount of hype, turn out to be the most entertaining ones.  I’m referring to a movie you probably have not heard of called Hotel Artemis that is playing in some movie theaters now. Hotel Artemis stars an academy award winning actor -- Jodie Foster. Even if she was not in the movie, I think the movie would still be entertaining because of the odd premise of the story.

Actors in Hotel Artemis Movie

Most of the actors in Hotel Artemis have already played in major roles either in other movies or on television. I recognized several faces of actors who had appeared in previous movies before. I guess that’s one way to make sure the movie may be a hit -- hire seasoned actors with professional, proven acting chops to deliver quality acting that will not bore the audience.

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Plot of Hotel Artemis Movie

Imagine a hotel set sometimes in the future that cater exclusively to those that are on the wrong side of the law Then imagine that the storyline is set in futuristic L.A., which has become sort of a haven for riotous and violent people.  Now go a little further and think of a hotel or a hospital whose exclusive purpose is to give these people a safe place to go -- so to speak -- to be medically cared for.  

Now introduce shady characters to the script that you know from the get go are up to no good.  Even baffling is the manger of this building (the Nurse) has the audacity to have a set of rules that must be followed to get a membership.  By the way, membership is open to anyone who can pay the fee -- but you are not going to be seen by a practicing doctor.  Instead, you are being seen by a nurse who clearly has issues and challenges weighing her down.

The stand out actor was of course, Jodie Foster.  Not only did she play her part in a believable way, but she incorporated a strange way of running during the movie when she had to move fast.  She hunches over and makes a series of small steps as she dashes from one area to another. Second to Jodie Foster was the actor who played the part of Nice, pronounced “NeeCee.”  Her acting was so-so, but she (or her stunt double) has a fight scene in the movie that I must admit was impressive to watch.

Violence and Gore in Hotel Artemis Movie

If you are faint of heart, I must warn you to look away when gory type scenes appear in the Hotel Artemis movie. I turned my head away from the movie screen several times when the director insisted on showing graphic details of surgeries, injuries, etc. that I think could have been better left out.

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Loose Ends in Hotel Artemis Movie

Could it be that there will be a Hotel Artemis 2? It looks like the main character Jean Thomas or the Nurse as played by Jodie Foster was left in tact.  I'm curious what happened to Nice, played by Sofia Boutella. All in all, it looks like most of the major players in this movie survived. I guess we will have to wait and see if there will be a sequel.  If there is, I think they should play up and put more substance character-wise  in the role played by Sofia Boutella.

Assessment of Hotel Artemis Movie

I did not feel like I wasted my time watching Hotel Artemis.  The story was told in such a way that even though there was blood and gore -- the storyline itself kept my interest.  This movie is rated R so it should not be seen by anyone younger than 17. I would have rated the movie higher, but due to the language, blood, gore and violence, I have to reduce my rating.

Rating of Hotel Artemis Movie

Based on a scale of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Hotel Artemis 2 ¾ stars.

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