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Awesome Con 2018 Kicks it Up a Notch!

Written by RealMsH

Introduction to Awesome Con 2018

If you have not visited Awesome Con before, my question to you is what are you waiting for.  Awesome Con is held annually at the Washington DC Convention Center in Washington DC and each year the attendance seems to grow.  This year the event was held March 30 - April 1, 2018. But don’t get too attached to the dates. Awesome Con dates fluctuate, ranging from being held in March to late June. But no worries. Regardless of when Awesome Con is held, you should definitely attend this exciting convention.

Sights at Awesome Con 2018

I think it is smart of the organizers to hold Awesome Con over a three-day period.  Even if you decide to attend all three days, there’s still bound to be something you did not get around to seeing or experiencing.  Awesome Con provides plenty of advance notice of what to expect, including the special guests. For example, among others, this year’s special guest was John Boyega of Star Wars fame. Are you familiar with the saying -- Go big or go home?  Well each year, Awesome Con goes big -- and does not go home!

Maybe you would like to show off your creativity by dressing up or cosplaying like I did.  I dressed up as Harley Quinn, and I’m happy to report that I was in good company with other Harley Quinn’s cosplayers. That being said, you may choose to dress up as your favorite movie character such as Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, or Kylo Ren from these movies as well.  Your pick of cosplayers depend totally on how and who you want to dress up as.

Regarding the props --  there are limitations on the type cosplay weapons or objects you can bring with you to Awesome Con. There were separate lines for people in costumes as well as people who are members of the press.  As a journalist for, I went through the entrance of the convention center for the press, however, my outfit was still checked to be sure it adhered to the Awesome Con guidelines.

Lost in Space Netflix Screening at Awesome Con 2018

Awesome Con would not be as awesome as it is if there were lots of repeats of attractions, guests, etc. to this event.  I think Awesome Con does an excellent job of booking different guests and acts each year to keep the interest high. There were a few repeats, but for the most part, panels, events at Awesome Con 2018 varied.

New this year was a special screening on the main stage of Awesome Con of a not-yet released Netflix movie called Lost in Space.  The screening of Lost in Space had a huge turn-out of attendees at the showing including myself. The Master of Ceremonies who preceded the Lost in Space screening on stage helped to entertain the audience by being humorous and even had a small team competition type event consisting of a few audience members.

Video Game Area Change at Awesome Con 2018

The change that really impressed me at Awesome Con this year was the improvement in the video game area.  At last year’s Awesome Con, the tabletop gaming area crushed the video game section in attendance. Of course this was not meant to be a competition, but each year I make a note of the attendance at tabletop gaming versus video gaming.  Each venue is located right around from each other, so to compare, all I had to do was walk across the hall to check.

I was pleasantly surprised that it looked like the video game section was really beefed up this year -- complete with a neon message sign above the video game area. There were other major changes as well. For instance, there were a multitude of classic arcade video games, including Galaga, Tron and others. I noticed that many people chose to drop by the video game arcade as they walked by. I think a nice addition to this expanded showcase of video games is to add several tournaments to boost  the popularity of the video game arcade -- if this is not already being done.  I also suggest getting some star power in the video gaming area by inviting gamers who can show off their skills at playing video games.

IMG 6534

Cosplaying is King and Queen at Awesome Con 2018

I got the impression that more people dressed up as their favorite cosplay character this year.  In fact, it looked like many people chose to cosplay this year which may have exceeded the number of cosplayers in the past.  I was impressed with the creativity used by the cosplayers. I think it is a plus that Awesome Con has a contest for the best cosplayer; however, I think everyone was a winner who chose to cosplay. Not only were there professional looking cosplay outfits, but there were those that were handmade from scratch.  I applaud Awesome Con for not only having an avenue for people to cosplay, but being the inspiration for a lot of people to show off their cosplay costumes, whether their costumes are professionally made or handmade.

Exhibit Floor at Awesome Con 2018

In some areas of the exhibit hall, there were just about standing room only, as people perused or browsed the items being sold or displayed by the vendors. Of the many items for sale, what I noticed was the creative way various key chains were displayed on a lighted tree.  You had to walk close to the tree to find out what was being sold due to the creativity of the display.

The people on the floors were friendly and helpful as well.  I recall asking one of the artists where a particular popular artist was located.  He not only told me where his stand was, but graciously took the time to walk me part of the way there, until he was sure I knew that artist’s location.  Now that's what I call customer service. If you decide to go to Awesome Con, expect this type of politeness and more from the Awesome Con participants.

Assessment of Awesome Con 2018

I encountered and experienced only positivity during my fun experience of Awesome Con 2018 -- similar to the previous years I covered this event for  Due to the vastness of the lay of the land for Awesome Con, sometimes you had to walk a ways to get to where you wanted to go. However, Awesome Con had signs posted as well as Information Desks set up to help steer people to their desired directions. Sometimes I made some long treks to get from one location to the other -- but this was understandable given the size of Awesome Con. With that being said, I’m anxiously awaiting to find out what is in store for the next Awesome Con. I can say this -- if it’s anything like Awesome Con 2018 -- I know Awesome Con 2019 will be awesome!

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