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A Quiet Place Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction:  If you are a fan of horror, monster-type movies, you may want to check out the movie A Quiet Place.  It seemed like ages since I saw the preview of A Quiet Place in the movie theaters and made a mental note to see it. Was it worth my time to see it?  My answer may surprise you.

Plot of A Quiet Place Movie

If you saw the movie trailer for A Quiet Place, you will know the synopsis of the movie is that a family must stay quiet or grotesque monsters will attack them.  To make keeping quiet a true challenge, there are young children in the family as well as a new addition. The plot is simple to understand; however, as you watch the movie, you may start trying to devise ways the family can escape being around these monsters, for example, camping outdoors instead of in enclosed spaces, etc.   However, to keep the problem of staying quiet at the forefront, as expected, a lot of the action took place in the house, even though there were a few outdoor scenes as well.

Acting Skills Displayed in A Quiet Place Movie

Without a question, the best actor in this movie was Emily Blunt, the wife of the star, John Krasinski of The Office fame.  Of all the actors, I think she made the idea of a monster who hunts by sound seemed the most real. On the flip side, the worst actor, or the actor whose skills need to be improved is Millicent Simmons who played the young daughter.  To give you an idea of how poor her acting skills were, in one scene, even though she had just been saved from a sea of quick sand in the form of rocks -- I got the impression that she was on an acting stage. I think I even saw her glance at maybe one of the crew members during this shot. The younger brother played by Noah Jupe outdid her in his acting skills. John Krasinski acting skills were adequate but did not equal those of his wife, Emily Blunt.

Practical Solution to Monster Problem in A Quiet Place Movie

Spoiler alert: Please do not read this section if you have not seen the movie, and plan to see it.  If someone found an answer to scaring off or destroying the noise sensitive monsters, shouldn’t they share this discovery with the people close to them?   This did not happen in the movie. Long after the discovery was made, during the end of the movie was when this solution was put into full use. Also, when the siblings were trapped in the car with the monster on top, wouldn’t it be reasonable for the solution to be used at that time -- thereby saving the father.  Again, this was not done. The solution was finally used during the big finale of the movie.

a quiet place

Assessment of A Quiet Place Movie

I would compare the progression of action in the A Quiet Place movie to a train, that starts off slow before it finally picks up speed.  When you watch A Quiet Place, the key words I will advise you are to “wait for it.” There are a few jump scares in the beginning of the movie, but just like a train, the action picks up to almost a blinding speed as the movie goes on.  I am giving A Quiet Place an extra ½ point, mainly because I think this movie showed that women are up for the fight, if required.  Regardless of their personal situation, they are able to stand up and fight for themselves, if the situation presents itself. To respond to my question of if the movie was worth my time -- My response is "yes."  An added plus is the movie was not overly long, lasting a mere 1 hour, 35 minutes.

Rating of A Quiet Place

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate A Quiet Place 2 ½ stars.

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