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Ready Player One Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to the Ready Player One Movie Review by Ms. H

The Ready Player One movie is set in the future where there is a place one can go virtually to presumably escape reality and live in sort of a fantasy world. This place is called the Oasis.  Since the Ready Player One movie shows like a video game, I expected it to be enjoyable to watch. Did the Ready Player One deliver? Read on to find out.

Casting of Actors in the Ready Player One Movie

The casting staff did a good job of using diverse characters in the movie. Additionally, each of the characters played their roles adequately.  I think the comic relief character in the movie fell flat; however, he only had a small part, so the overall movie was not negatively impacted.

Virtual Reality in the Ready Player One Movie

Without giving the movie away, Ready Player One is not a video game that has been turned into a movie. For example, it is not similar to Tomb Raider. Instead the movie is like an actual video game. As I alluded to previously, the setting of the Ready Player One movie is a virtual world, called the Oasis where you can escape to and be just about anyone you want. This is, of course, possible to a certain extent by the use of virtual reality technology that is available today.  As I watched the movie, I was reminded of discussions during video game conferences I've attended where topics involved enabling video game players to be more immersive in the action taking place in video games.

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Plot of the Ready Player One Movie

The mission of the Ready Player One movie was for video game players to solve mystery puzzles with the final goal of discovering the location of the “Easter Egg.” There was a large sum of money waiting for the winner as well as ownership of the Oasis. Additionally, and probably more importantly, the plot was to save the Oasis from a company called IOI who was determined to take over and control this virtual reality environment. The pro of Ready Player One was how the writer and director made it clear to the audience what the puzzles were and the actions taken to solve them. However the con to me was how unrealistically the answers to these puzzles came to the characters sometimes, without clues as to how they solved the puzzles.   

Action in the Ready Player One Movie

There are plenty of action scenes in the Ready Player One movie to keep your interest.  As expected, there are lots of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) scenes in the Ready Player One movie as well.  In fact, sometimes, because of the emphasis of action in the fantasy world in Ready Player One, you may think you are watching an animated movie -- until they cut back to scenes showing actual people.  These scenes to me are similar to the ones you may see in some video games as part of the story -- where you are not required to push any buttons. Some of my favorite parts of the movie were the references back to actual video game jargon such as earning an extra life, selecting items from your inventory, customizing your video game character, etc.

Assessment of the Ready Player One Movie

Since this was a futuristic movie, I would have liked to have seen more technological advances in regular living conditions. For example, in the future environment, you still saw vehicles that are prevalent today. However, the Ready Player One movie was based on a novel, so maybe the director did not want to veer too far from the details in the book. Still, I think this movie would have been more interesting if the present scenes in the movie showed evidence that they were actually living in the future.

That being said, I found that the Ready Player One movie did deliver when it came to having lots of action and a plausible story. I would have rated this movie higher if not for one of the gruesome scenes I saw in the movie. Even though Ready Player One is probably not a movie that I would see multiple times, I think it is worth at least a first look.

Rating of the Ready Player One Movie

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with five stars being the best, I rate Ready Player One three (3) stars.


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