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Pacific Rim Uprising Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to Pacific Rim Uprising Movie Review by Ms. H

If you see the Pacific Rim Uprising movie, be prepared to hear loud sounds and see a huge amount of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). I’ve seen Pacific Rim movies in the past; however, this one may have been the noisiest. The flip side of this is the movie, Pacific Rim Uprising is action-packed and may keep your interest.

Actors in Pacific Rim Uprising

John Boyega of Star Wars fame stars in the Pacific Rim Uprising movie.  Scott Eastwood who is the son of Clint Eastwood is also in the movie. During the movie, I got the impression that John Boyega and Scott Eastwood were jockeying to be the leader with John Boyega edging out in front of Scott Eastwood. Even though these two actors are so called “big names” in the movie, the actor who I was impressed with was the lesser known actor, Jing Tian who played the part of Liwen Shao. While John Boyega’s character cracked jokes at the beginning of the movie, it was Jing Tian who remained consistent with her role as leader of a company who was pushing to use drones instead of  humans to operate robots known as Jaegers. Another actor in the movie was Charlie Day known for his roles in comedy movies.

An actor who did not fare well with me was Amara Namani who played the young girl who was later recruited as a cadet for the Jaegers.  I think this role was best suited for someone older since she was later given a huge responsibility.  This probably would not happen in real life due to her inexperience in working with the Jaegers.

Spoiler Alert: Additionally, it was ironic to me that even though Amara Namani's character was initially released from the team due to her poor decision to lead them to inspect one of the enemy robots, somehow, her position was saved and she returned to fight against the enemy robots.


Plot of the Pacific Rim Uprising

The major plot of the Pacific Rim Uprising movie centered around a well-trained team to save the world by defeating what looked like huge lizard robot monsters.  Prior to this, there were several incidents that happened involving the Jaegers, as well as one that went rogue. I like that the plot was kept simple so the audience could easily follow what was going on.

Use of CGI in the Pacific Rim Uprising Movie

As I alluded to previously, there is quite a bit of CGI used in this film.  It was evident that CGI was used for the robots and parts of the environment.  The amount of CGI used was not a negative; however, I think the noise level of this movie probably was increased to drum up interest. After a while, it became routine for the robots to noisily fight against each other while being controlled by the humans.

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Suspense in the Pacific RIm Uprising Movie  

The quiet moments were few and far between in the Pacific Rim Uprising movie. When the action scenes winded down for a few minutes, they would return with a bang, mostly involving robots fighting other robots. During one of the down times in the movie, the writer/director attempted to demonstrate suspense by revealing who the mastermind was behind the plan to destroy the world. In my opinion, the revelation was  amateurish and the role of the planner probably could have been done better by another actor accustomed to playing villains.

Assessment of Pacific Rim Uprising Movie

Since I'm a fan of robot movies, I thought I would like the Pacific Rim Uprising movie more than I did. However, as I think back over the movie, I can only remember the loud noises emanating from destruction caused by the robots.  I liked the action John Boyega displayed in using his robot weapons, which reminded me of the Star Wars light sabers; however, other than that nothing except for Jing Tian's acting stood out for me.  If you like to see a movie with a lot of action, even though some may be a little cartoonish, you may want to see the Pacific Rim Uprising movie. However, if you want to save your money, you may want to wait to watch this movie when it moves to DVD or to video streaming services.

Rating of Pacific Rim

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate the Pacific Rim Uprising movie two  (2) stars.

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