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Red Sparrow Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

DIsclaimer:  The views expressed in this movie review are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Red Sparrow Movie Review by Ms. H

I saw  the preview of Red Sparrow and knew right away I would watch this movie when it was released. There was just enough footage shown to pique my curiosity as to what type of role Jennifer Lawrence would be playing.  I’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence’s movies before, and in each she did an adequate job of acting.  In most instances, if the movie was not particularly good it was the fault of the writer or director instead of the acting abilities of Jennifer Lawrence. Case in point is the movie Mother!, where the movie was not the best; however, Jennifer Lawrence’s acting skills were up to par.   

Storyline of Red Sparrow Movie

From the preview, I knew Jennifer Lawrence’s character Dominika Egorova was going to be trained in a somewhat military environment. The extent and type of the training were hinted at during the movie preview.  However, based on the full movie that I watched, I found out the training was of a different  type which turned out to be more of a psychological nature, rather than a military one.  As a caution, some of the content of the movie is rated R, so you must be over 17 years old or older to see the movie Red Sparrow,

Without giving the movie away, this story had elements of action, mystery, intrigue and most of all suspense. There was also the involvement of a relative of Jennifer Lawrence's character who did the inexcusable action of placing her, his niece, in this type training environment. You will know what I’m referring to if you see the movie, Red Sparrow.

Believability of Red Sparrow Movie

I found the Red Sparrow movie to be believable. Due to the slow and methodical way the story was told, the events in this movie seemed like it could be based on fact -- even though, of course it isn't. The story evolved in such a way that it gave the audience time to take in and absorb the various events Jennifer Lawrence’s character had to go through, beginning with her lifelong dream to be a dancer until a turn of events totally destroyed her dream.  The driving force that made Jennifer Lawrence endure the training and get involved in this Russians vs. American spy scenarios was predicated by promises of medical care for her mother as well as her inability to remain a dancer.

Spoiler Alert: The majority of the movie is played as if these events actually happened -- as I alluded to before.  However, there is a part of the movie that was a stretch or difficult to believe.  In the movie Jennifer Lawrence’s character, who is a Russian spy uses her training as a Sparrow to try to wring more information out of  the American Spy, Joe Egerton who played the role of Nate Nash. During their initial encounter, she told him a series of untruths which were suspicious to say the least, including the story that she had a job as translator.  Of course he checked on this information and found it to be false.  Even though the American operatives put her through a lie-detector test and knew she was prone to tell untruths, it was odd to me that she would be chosen to work on the side of Americans.

red sparrow

“Confession”  Scene in the Red Sparrow Movie

Jennifer Lawrence is no doubt a great actress and seems to be getting better with her craft as time goes by. At the age of 27, she has already won acting awards, been nominated for acting awards and has firmly established that she can carry whole movies.  However, in Red Sparrow, I think she could have done a more convincing job as an actress to show the pain that was inflicted upon her during her questioning by the Russians when they tried to get her to confess.   During those scenes, I did not get the impression she was really being tortured, especially given the quick way she was able to bounce back, relatively unscathed  and believe it or not -- move forward to cut  yet another deal with her Russian operatives.

Assessment of Red Sparrow Movie

Red Sparrow is a relatively lengthy movie -- but in a good way.  Adequate time was allotted for the audience to get to know Jennifer Lawrence’s character well. The audience also witnessed the atrocities she had to overcome.  I think the movie flowed in a logical sequence and had a fair amount of suspense, action and drama. My minor concern about this movie was the casting staff depicting two brunettes who to me, looked very similar.  I thought the wrong person was being set up to be blackmailed, because of the similarities of these two characters. In my opinion, to avoid character-mix up, the casting staff should refrain from casting someone who looks similar to another. Other than that, except for a few gruesome scenes that caused me to turn my head away from the movie screen, I think the movie, Red Sparrow was well executed.

Rating of Red Sparrow Movie

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I give Red Sparrow three and one-half  (3 ½) stars.

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